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Our darkest hours have the ability to awaken us to our greatest purpose.

Our darkest hours have the ability to awaken us to our greatest purpose. | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Guide | Spiritual Direction | Shamanic Healing | Intuitive Services | Crystal Healing | Sound Healing | Shaman Training Classes | Shamanism Creativity Consciousness Workshops | East Tennessee

There is no right time – or wrong time – to purposefully step on to a path of growth and change. However, it is easiest when we are in our darkest hours – forced into a situation that is difficult or chaotic – that we have an opportunity to step outside ourselves for a moment and see how things could be different if we make new, better choices.

We can review scenarios of our lives and know that if we would’ve made this choice or that choice things right now would be very different. However, we can only draw speculative conclusions when looking back and thinking different choices would have made a better outcome. Different choices could’ve made a more painful or detrimental outcome much sooner without having given us the opportunity to grow, change, and spiritually prepare for our current circumstance. We inevitably have to accept the choices we made because without those decisions, we would not have met the people we were supposed to meet, interacted with life the way we needed to, or had experiences meant to help us on our path to spiritual growth and transformation.

Don’t regret. Don’t look back at all the should’ves, could’ves, and would’ves in your life. By doing so, you erase the joyful moments that came about due to those decisions, too. Instead, when faced with a dark time, know it's part of your growth – a necessary step toward growing into who you are becoming.

Don’t be afraid. Fear drives us to make quick choices and decisions in the emotional moment. Take control of your situation through contemplation, prayer, and intention and watch as a new path unfolds leading you to greater things if only you will allow what is happening now to pass with as much grace and dignity as the situation can muster.

This blog is based on many of the concepts in my book: Creative Meditation and Manifestation. You can learn more about healing, aligning with your spiritual path, manifestation, and finding joy in your life by perusing my book, making an appointment, or signing up for a workshop using the links at the top of this page.

—Namaste, Amara


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