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Creative Meditaton and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life - Amara Honeck

Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life

ISBN: 978-0-9971178-0-6

Society — through social media, radio, and television — tells us what we should want in our lives: to be more, have more, get more.  But money and possessions are not necessarily what brings us happiness. Our highest joy comes through finding and achieving our life’s purpose and goals — our soul’s desires. Through the Creative Meditation and Manifestation practice you will learn to access the inner POWERS we all possess and put them to work building a pathway to your greatest success and happiness.


This 21-day interactive workbook engages readers on many levels and offers easy-to-understand and powerful guidance on:


  • Learning to be mindful using a simple technique to bring you fully into the present.  

  • Creating your life by giving you real tools for learning to change your thoughts and thought process.

  • Using a simple form of meditation to quiet your mind chatter so you can get to the real issues and goals in your life.

  • Focusing your thoughts, words, and actions to become who you were meant to be.

  • Redirecting negative thoughts into positive thoughts so you can co-create a beautiful life.

  • Helping you create a life filled with joy by empowering you with Creative Meditation and Manifestation tools to win back your autonomy. 


Answer your soul’s wake-up call, tap into your inner POWERS,­­­­ and create your beautiful life. 

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