Like the moon, no matter what phase you are in, you are still WHOLE.

Lunar Cycles | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

"Like the moon, no matter what phase you are in, you are still WHOLE." – Tonight the new moon makes its appearance. Astronomically, the new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle. Spiritually, the new moon also represents the birth of a new cycle in your life. Right now is the perfect time to think about something you’d like to change in your life and work on manifesting this change until we reach the full moon on December 22.

You can use your Powers of Prayer, Intent, Emotion, Mindfulness, I AM, Wording, Surrender, and Trust to manifest creative ideas, strength, courage, or problem resolution. As the moon grows fuller with each passing day, its illumination becomes brighter. This is symbolic because the “illumination” increases in our own lives when we are working toward creating personal positive change.

Consider using the new moon timing to set one small, manageable, and measurable new intention or goal every month. Just a little change for the better you’d like to make in your life: getting more sleep, laughing more often, setting aside dedicated time for creative pursuits, or cultivating compassion for others. All things that make your life more joyful – because this is what life is about – finding joy in every day. — Much love, Amara