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You are brave enough to create the life you want and courageous enough to chase it.

You are brave enough to create the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Guide and Mentor | Shamanic Healing | Alternative Healing Services | Shamanism Creativity Consciousness Workshops | Gatlinburg East Tennessee

I meditate often. While meditating, I was blessed with an idea for a different type of manifestation meditation. I call is “casting your net” and hope many of you might be able to use this manifestation meditation to help you in whatever way you need. I spell it all out below.

Once you're in a comfortable position and have quieted your mind, envision a net filled with what you desire. Is it a net filled with every material possession you have ever wanted? Or is the net sparser, containing only symbols of that which you long for on a deeper soul level?

Now say to yourself: I intent to cast out this net and let the Universe fill it with what I need most. In your mind’s eye, cast out the net, wait a full minute, then pull it back in. What is it that you perceive? What is in the net? Was it different than when you filled the net on your own with what you thought you desired?

What the net brings back is what is most important for you at this time. Remember, many times meditation messages speak in metaphors. You may pull back a black shoe and wonder why – what’s the significance? But upon further reflection you realize that the shoe is the same type your father wore many years ago and the visual of the shoe is an invitation to re-engage in a relationship with your father that may have faltered. Or you may see a bucket filled with sand, an inch of water at the top, and while contemplating realize that your soul is most present when you are near the salt water and sands of the ocean. You long to visit the beach. Whatever your net brings you, this is what you most need right now, in this moment, to harmonize, clear your mind, and allow for forward movement in your life.

Continue with this meditation daily, weekly, or whenever you feel “stuck” and are not moving forward -- you will see great change in your life as you focus most on what your soul knows you need so deeply to experience.

– Namaste, Amara

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