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What you allow is what will continue.

Hand Pressed Against Glass | Spirituality Consciousness Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher | Gatlinburg, Tennessee

We cannot change the behavior of others, but we surely can change the way we respond and accept their behavior. The Power of Allowing is a challenging Power to master because in order to live within this Power, you need to allow others to make the choices in their lives that they need to make. Even if you’re convinced those choices are wrong for them.

I know this is a difficult concept and goes against our human nature. But here is the critical point. Yes, allow others to make choices and live their lives as they see fit – but do not allow yourself to be hurt or mistreated by this allowing. You are not living within your Power when you’re made to feel inadequate, disrespected, or unloved.

Let others live the life they choose, reach their own goals in their own way, and learn their own life lessons so they can mold and form into the person they were meant to be in this life. By allowing this, and separating yourself from their outcome, you will find inner peace because you’re not getting caught up in situations you cannot change.

It is absolutely acceptable to help others reach their goals and become who they are supposed to be (Power of Compassion) and forgive others for what they have done to you and start over (Power of Forgiveness), but always seek out the answer to this question: Is this situation the best for your highest purpose? Within that question, you will always find your answer and know which direction to turn.

– Much love, Amara


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