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The truth can hurt -- but from the root of this pain we can spiritually grow.

The truth can hurt -- but from the root of this pain we can spiritually grow. | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Direction Shamanic Services | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

We’ve all had it happen. Hurtful comments that cause us to take a step back and pop-up an immediate wall of defense. But what if when the initial sting of the comment subsides, we can lift ourselves higher by contemplating the comment? Was the statement, in fact, truthful after all, but just painful to hear? Was it mostly wrong, but contained a tiny bit of truth? Was it just completely inaccurate?

There are opportunities to experience real moments of truth for us through self-reflection. A time when we can observe what has been said, look inward, and make great personal change if we deem it necessary. Being able to see ourselves in the mirror — our good and not-so-good reflected back to us — is a form of spiritual growth because we are moving from small-minded thinking and expanding into the ability to see ourselves from a larger viewpoint.

We evolve on our life path by being able to see ourselves for who we are and our ability to make changes to the things that are causing our lives to be filled with strife, difficulty, and disharmony. Welcome these hurtful comments as signs from Spirit that change may be needed to bring more harmony, peace, and beauty into our lives. If the hurtful comments were truly unjust, then take it as a sign that you may not be in alignment with the type of people who will lift you up lovingly, rather than take opportunities to push you down.

— Namaste, Amara


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