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Every day take ten minutes to just "be."

Red Candle Hearts | Spirituality Consciousness Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher | Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Every day take ten minutes to just "be." -- Amara Honeck

On this magnificent day, hold this thought for yourself – “take ten minutes to just … BE.” It is so very important to sit in our silence and gather strength for any issues we may be dealing with, to contemplate our actions for whatever life scenario is playing out, or to just be still and think of nothing. It is in these moments of focused silence where Divine Presence speaks to us. Answers come in the form of thoughts, visuals, or even words. When we silence our mind chatter, we make space to feel, visualize, or hear the suggestions offered that answer our prayers and put us on the path to living our highest purpose. This is all part of the Creative Meditation process and building a deeper relationship with our creator.

– Much love, Amara


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