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Positivity and Manifestation Journal: 3 Month Workbook

ISBN: 978-0-9971178-0-6

Traditional journaling has always been a way to record feelings, emotions, let downs, and disappointments. But what if recording negative thoughts, reliving past hurts, and focusing on the negative aspects of a situation was detrimental to your ability to create a better life? 


Author, shamanic practitioner, and counselor, Amara Honeck, has written the Positivity and Manifestation Journal as a companion journal to her book Creative Meditation and Manifestation (CMM): Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life to help you shift to a positive mode of thinking while working on manifesting your goals through your Power of Thought and Power of Gratitude.


Manifestation journaling is entirely different from traditional journaling because it focuses attention on the positive aspects in our lives to help empower the soul and teach you how to co-create the life you desire. Through the CMM practice detailed in her book, users of this journal will tap into their positive, innate Powers of Thought, Emotion, Wording, Gratitude, Perception, and Journaling to retrain the brain to focus on the positive aspects of life, bringing about a powerful shift in the way you think and perceive your life. 


This three ­­­­month interactive journal offers daily pages to record blessings, goals, inspirational ideas and comments, positive situations and thoughts. This book also uses drawing and visualization as a creative force and will help journalers notice synchronicities and opportunities to take inspired action as outlined in Amara’s Creative Meditation and Manifestation book.

Tap into your POWER to create the joy and happiness you deserve by engaging daily in positive writing and positive thought to create your beautiful life.

Creative Meditaton Positivity and Manifestation Journal - Amara Honeck
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