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YOU ... are the blessing this world seeks.

YOU ... are the blessing this world seeks. | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Guide | Spiritual Direction | Shamanic Healing | Intuitive Services | Crystal Healing | Sound Healing | Shaman Training Classes | Shamanism Creativity Consciousness Workshops | East Tennessee

Our lives are blessed. No matter who you are or what hand you’ve been dealt, there are always blessings to be found in our existence. But have you ever considered YOURSELF a blessing to the world?

Your words, actions, thoughts, deeds, personality, smile, friendship, love, compassion — everything that makes you who you are — are blessings to those involved in your life. Your children, siblings, parents, friends, significant other, family members, coworkers — you touch the lives of these people every day. You inspire them to be blessings to others and, in turn, a ripple effect is created as they begin to spread their blessings (inspired by you) to others.

Don’t ever get caught up in the mindset that you are not worthy or a blessing. Those who love you would beg to differ. You are an amazing miracle of the Divine. Do you see now how your beautiful existence is a blessing to others and thus the world?

— Namaste, Amara


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