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This guided Upper World shamanic journey was presented to an interspiritual and Jungian Spiritual Directors group to offer a brief background on core shamanic journeys; similarities between journeying, Jungian, and mystical tradition practices; and an experiential opportunity to explore the powerful guidance found in the mystical realms. For the best experience, listen with headphones.


Before entering the journey, have an intention, question you'd like answered, or a request for healing held in your heart and mind. 


These meditations fall under the broad umbrella of “Monroe Audio Support™” (MAS) which includes Hemi-Sync®, SAM™, and several other new audio technologies developed by TMI. The technology for each exercise has been specially crafted for each exercise/meditation. These meditations are best listened to using stereo headphones.

This 10 minute meditation allows your mind to be relaxed and cleansed of daily concerns as you listen to the sound of water gently flowing over Aqua Aura crystals with a background of SAM technology.

This ten minute guided meditation is designed to help you release tension and relax. It includes visual cues that you can use again and again as needed to return quickly and easily to a state of relaxation.

Connecting the the Present Moment is a guided meditation designed to focus your hectic mind, releasing thoughts of the past and future so you can become present in the moment. 

The "self healing" meditation was created to connect with your inner healer. Listen as you learn to focus on the self-healing of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

This 15 minute guided meditation is designed to help you remove any blockages that may be keeping you from receiving what you need and desire. 

Quiet Mind is a guided meditation developed for Monroe's online Developing Intuition course. Relax the body and mind clearing the way to allow beneficial guidance to come into your awareness.


For those who participate in the Consciousness Gathering and have an understanding of the Monroe Institute process, enjoy this free flow voiced by Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute. This free flow includes relaxation prompts and the Monroe affirmation while using Hemi-Sync binaural beats to move you into a theta state. When he says "so begin now with the exercise you have planned" this is your queue to state your intention. At about the 38 minute mark, Robert will guide you back to normal waking consciousness. The closing he uses was a statement from Edgar Cayce, who Robert admired. Total play time: 43 minutes, approx 25 minutes of free flow. Remember, headphones on for the best experience!

If you feel you need more prep before free flow, try this Monroe audio with excellent relaxation guidance. You will be guided back to normal waking consciousness. Total play time: 30 minutes, approx 15 minutes of free flow.  Remember, headphones on for the best experience!

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