Spiritual growth can be difficult because we have to experience the erosion of many things we believ

Dandelion Growing in Cement | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

As we age, many times what we were taught or personally experienced shifts and no longer applies to our current circumstances. This can be challenging and painful when we take our “beliefs” and find out they either were never true or are no longer true based on new experiences and perceptions. This includes those things we falsely believe about ourselves that may have been instilled by other people or by situations that went poorly. This discomfort with our new truths are growing pains and quite necessary to bloom into who we are becoming. Uncomfortable – yes. But incredibly important.

Watch for these signs of discomfort and when everything seems to be up in the air and uncertain, instead of fearing the unknown, be aware that you’re about to turn a corner, add a new dimension to your life, further uncover another beautiful piece of your true identity, and solidify a new understanding and truth in your existence.

One of the most profound ways to see past yourself is to experience and learn the ancient technique of shamanic journeying. Join me in one of my upcoming workshops to learn how to bring this sacred experience into your life to heal, help, grow, and gain personal spiritual knowledge.

—Much love, Amara