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Our quest for self-knowledge can lead us on a beautiful journey of discovery.

Our quest for self-knowledge can lead us on a beautiful journey of discovery. | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Guide and Mentor | Shamanic Healing | Alternative Healing Services | Shamanism Creativity Consciousness Workshops | Gatlinburg East Tennessee

Who are you?

Are you the clothes you put on, the job you work at, the words you say, the actions you take, the activities you participate in? Do you move through your day and tasks, but at night when you lay down and have a moment of silence, wonder if there is something more to life? When you have reached a point on your life’s path where you begin to question what exists beyond the day-to-day activities of your life, this is when an opportunity for your world to open has been given to you.

Who are you spiritually – not religiously (there is a difference)? What is your purpose in this life? How can you change your life for the better? What good can you bring to this world? Your journey of discovery begins with these questions. You can always seek out teachers and books to try to find answers — but most importantly, you can find these answers within your own meditative time, guided meditations, or shamanic journeys. How do you know where to start? When you pray or intent, ask out loud: “Please give me the resources in my life to let me know ____________” (fill in the blank). Then watch for synchronicities to appear in your life that show you the way, the next step, and the path.

I believe in helping people break down the barriers impeding their lives, empowering people to live joyfully, and teaching people how to be their own healers. You can learn more about healing, aligning with your spiritual path, manifestation, and finding joy in your life by perusing my book, reading past blogs, making an appointment, or signing up for a workshop (see tabs at the top of this page).

—Namaste, Amara


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