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It's okay to change your mind and move in a different direction. It's called SOUL GROWTH.

Ancient Labyrinth | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

We can hold such guilt over changing our minds and tend to beat ourselves up before and after doing so. We lay the groundwork for the life we think we want, only to find that there’s this nagging within us that something isn’t quite right. It’s okay to want something different, to try on something new, to change direction. Instead of feeling like a failure, see yourself in a much more positive light — someone who is self-aware enough to know that something isn’t working and gutsy enough to make life changes.

As we walk our life’s path, we come upon new information, engagements, and resources that add to our knowledge. As we grow within these new experiences, our opinions are altered, our lives are shifted, our awareness changes and we are blessed with the opportunity to weed out (or change) what doesn’t feel right, isn’t working, or doesn’t bring us joy. THIS IS THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. We are not programmed robots with limitations and expected outcomes. We are co-creators of our life and our interests can ebb and flow as we grow on our spiritual paths. Simply, we are not the same people we were three, five, or ten years ago. Our souls have grown.

“Moving in a different direction” reminds me a bit of a potted plant with its roots banging up against the side of the pot, struggling to stretch and grow, gasping for a new infusion of life. How can we live our most joyful life if we are gasping for air and ignore the signs along our path pointing us in the direction where air can be found? We need to start by understanding that we continuously change throughout our lives and it’s okay to make choices and decisions based on these soul growth changes.

There are seasons to our lives. Situations we move through, circumstances many times forced on us that are out of our control. These situations give us an opportunity to learn – and re-learn – who we are as we age and move through our life cycles. Change can be very scary, but once we take the leap, it can also be exhilarating as we engage fully with the new life we’re creating and begin to travel our new path filled with interesting and exciting twists and turns.

How do we find the courage to take the first steps into new and unknown territory? Ask yourself this one question: When am I saying “yes” when I ache to say “no.” Answering this one question and having the strength to say “no” is the beginning of focusing on what will bring joy in your life.

Of course, we can’t always say no – we are responsible individuals and many rely on us. We can’t use the excuse of “soul growth” as a means to behave hurtfully or irresponsibly. We should treat all chapter endings in our life respectfully and honorably for the experience they brought us — good or bad — whether it be a friendship, job, love, etc. As with most things, there’s a balance we need to achieve. It is our decision and responsibility to honor choices we’ve made that need to be honored. We can’t use our wanting to change as a reason to run away from a problem that needs to be fixed. There is an honoring of our soul’s path – and the soul path of others – that needs to be respected while we pursue change. We must maintain the integrity and authenticity of who we are while at the same time taking slow steps toward joyful change. Our decisions should never cause pain and soul loss for others.

It takes great insight to admit when things in our lives are not working out and great courage to take the leap and try something new. It’s okay to change friendships, relationships, who we trust, how we eat, where we work, what we love to do, our personal style, where we live, our health, what we believe (or no longer believe) — as long as we do it with the utmost respect for those around us who may be impacted by our change and decisions.

Be adventurous with the new direction you’re being pulled in and trust that God has a plan for you. Move and act when you feel the flow of change upon you (Power of Inspired Action) and know that you are being directed toward your highest purpose on your life path. Be curious, learn more about your deepest self. Be creative. But most of all, be true to yourself, your desires, and the people you love. Live authentically while remaining compassionate to others.

This blog is based on our innate Powers of Intent, Gratitude, Mindfulness, I AM, Thought, Prayer, Emotion, Compassion, Belief, Perception, Trust, Surrender, Allowing, and Inspired Action. You can learn more about healing, aligning with your spiritual path, manifestation, and finding joy in your life by perusing my book, making an appointment, or signing up for a workshop right here on my web site.

— Much love, Amara


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