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"Give it to God and go to sleep."

Beautiful Ocean Sunset | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

It can be exhausting being caught up in situations filled with drama – choices to consider, decisions to make, and living with the unease of knowing there’s no simple solution. When you’ve reached the end of your ability to see clearly and no longer feel confident in which way to turn, it’s time. It’s time to give it to God. But with a caveat. Don’t just hand it over. PRAY IT OVER! Out loud prayer is best for this type of work because out loud prayer really helps unload a punch of strong intention toward a solution. As you pray out loud, you can literally feel the physical sensation of your spoken words reaching to the Divine. Tell God out loud the situation (although you know deep down the situation is already divinely known). Then intent specifically that the resources be put in your path to help you find solutions to your problems and answers to your questions. Tonight, before you sleep, release what worries you – surrender and trust – and let God take over. Know that the Power of Prayer, Power of Surrender, and Power of Trust are working together to bring you peace. – Much love, Amara


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