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Find beauty in the ugliest of days.

Dew Drops at Sunrise on Plant | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher
Find beauty in the ugliest of days. -- Amara Honeck

Finding bits of beauty in your life when you're going through a difficult time can be hard to spot -- but it's important that you find these beauty sparks so you can maintain a realistic perspective on your situation. Step back, observe your situation with different eyes. See not only the problem from all corners, but also intent/pray (out loud) and ask Divine Presence to show you the best *solution(s)* to your situation. Then watch for synchronicities to occur over the next 3-10 days. Be cautious not to get caught in the same mindset you’ve been living. Be completely open to even the strangest solution possibilities given to you. Try following this plan of action:

(1) Watch for and be aware of the synchronicities that come into your life after you intent/pray.

(2) With those synchronicities gathered, sit in stillness. Allow the words or visuals of the synchronicities that have occurred to be repeated in your mind over and over until you’ve exhausted the thought.

(3) Ask out loud, “Now that I have these ideas (synchronicities), show me how to work with them.” Then wait for scenarios to play out in your mind that give you positive steps to action. Contemplate how to incorporate the solution(s) Divine Presence has given you into your daily life to make real change and dislodge yourself from your trouble spots.

Using this method, you are engaging in 13 of your 21 Innate Powers simultaneously – Powers of Intent, Meditation, Mindfulness, Thought, Visualization, Prayer, Emotion, Belief, Perception, Trust, Surrender, Allowing, and Inspired Action.

Engaging with this many Powers at one times makes you POWERFUL and with that Power comes great change. To learn more:

Use your POWERS to create your beautiful life, my friend!

– Namaste, Amara


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