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Everyone is divinely unique.

Electrified Hand | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

We are not created entirely equal. Yes, equal in the eyes of God, but different in the skills and talents we bring into the world. This is our divine uniqueness, our personal fingerprint. We all have a divine uniqueness and I believe we are meant to share our specific gifts with people around us. We start with those we love — family and friends — and stretch ourselves to those outside of our comfortable circle. By skills and talents, I don't necessarily mean attributes like being a fabulous painter, an engineering mastermind, or a musical genius. I mean the talents you have that you may not even consider to be your "gifts." Kindness, compassion, the ability to make someone smile when they see you smile, a helping hand, the patience to truly listen to someone in need, generosity. Today, reach out kindly to a stranger and let them see your light shine — you may be the only light they see today. — Much love, Amara


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