Let's start the journey (manifestation challenge)!

I know it has been a difficult few months for everyone. Three years ago, I created a series of manifestation posts based on my book and journals. I'd like to bring them back to the top of my Facebook page with the intent that you might find them helpful to begin manifesting during the rest of your time with shelter-in-place and beyond this time when we all go back to our new normal.

There are 21 posts I hope you will find helpful and engaging, while at the same time start you on the path of learning your innate Powers so you can begin shifting your mindset and co-create your life in a positive direction. I learned these Powers on my own path (the hard way), but discovered that once I grasped the concepts and lived them, my entire life shifted in a positive way. I brought about great transformation for myself and literally changed my reality to a life of joyful existence. No, things are hardly perfect all of the time, and I — like you — have experienced suffering. But just having knowledge of the Powers gives you the tools to move through negative situations with a bit more ease and get through hard times while still standing tall within your Power. Please check back with me over the next 21 days (beginning today) at 8:00pm EST as I post each Power with a simple, easy-to-remember defining concept.

— Much love, Amara