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Zoom Setup Instructions

Please click the PDF image for Zoom setup instructions. 


Below are rattles I have used in my in-person workshops with students. Egg rattles are meant to be held in your palm, but provide great sound for those interested in something more compact. You can also purchase rattles made with natural materials or custom designs on (but they are much more expensive).


Below are drums I have used in my in-person workshops with students. The larger the Remo drum, the more base. The 12-inch drum is compact, easy to travel with, is a perfectly fine drum, but does not have as rich of a sound as the 14-inch and 16-inch. The Remo Black drum has a little bit more base sound than the regular Remo Buffalo. You can also purchase drums made of animal skins on Etsy. They are much more expensive and vary in sound based on skin type, stringing, humidity, and room temperature. 

Eye Coverings

To block ambient light while journeying, you can use a towel, scarf, bandana, sleeping mask, or consider using a Mindfold mask. Mindfolds are comfortable and have "eye cavities" to keep your eye lids from being pressured while using. 

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