"Amara is simply wonderful. She provided me with insight and guidance to a very serious situation I was facing with my grandson and daughter. I'm incredibly thankful for her abilities and know that she is guided by love."  ---- Sandy B.


​​Amara begins with your appointment request form that shares your needs and concerns. With your permission, she will shamanic journey (click HERE to learn more about shamanic journeying) to ensure she is the right alternative healer for you and receive guidance and direction on the type of shamanic healing method(s) for your situation prior to accepting your appointment. 

Private shamanic healing and consulting addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of the soul. There are many reasons to seek shamanic services including: 


  • Choosing to work with the spiritual cause of an illness as part of a multidisciplinary approach along with your medical provider.

  • Confusion about an upcoming decision.

  • Working through unresolved life issues. 

  • A feeling of resistance of being stuck. 

  • Issues from the past keep presenting themselves.

  • Feelings of depression, hopelessness, and anxiety that are outside of your normal demeanor. 

  • Dealing with the aftermath of accidents and trauma.

  • Working through relationship difficulties.

  • Breaking old patterns by understanding and removing the magnets that draw the same situations into your life. 

  • Understanding the root cause behind physical illness and working to heal the cause. 

  • Healing emotional pain, trauma, and conditioning.

  • Restoring your spirit to wholeness by retrieving missing soul parts lost through trauma.

  • Finding ways to change limiting or negatives beliefs.

  • Removing the restrictions that stop you from feeling free, light, and positive about your life.

  • Understanding and removing phobias and fears.

  • Releasing negative behavioral patterns.

  • Removing and healing the need for dependencies.

  • Receiving support through a transition period.

The work may involve a number of shamanic practices (see list below) as well as cleansing, releasing, and balancing what is unhealthy or unresolved for you on a spiritual level and restoring your personal power. Many times the work also involves clarifying issues or addressing questions important to your life and well-being and discussing what changes may need to be integrated.  

Each healing session is unique based on what is most needed at this time in your life. You and Amara will have time before your session to talk and identify issues. Her goal is to help you find answers, empower you, and provide a solid, healthy foundation for you to move forward. Amara's intent is to work in unison to heal mind, body, and spirit. 

Shamanic offerings include:

  • Shamanic healing (healing issues that stem from spiritual issues)

  • Information retrieval (shamanic journeying for personal information gathering, answering questions, and healing)

  • Power animal retrieval (restoring spiritual power)

  • Soul retrieval (reintegrating soul parts lost through trauma)

  • Extraction (removal of spiritual intrusions or energies)

  • Compassionate depossession (interference removal - this service is offered only in-person)

  • Psychopomp (helping souls who have passed)

What to Expect

Always (always!) remember how important you are in this process. The practitioner, recipient, and shamanic tools combined with training, awareness, intuition, and most importantly -- intention -- are each a piece of the puzzle that combine to create wholeness and wellness. A recipient of this work must be:

  • An active participant.

  • Open to the work.

  • Focused on restoration of their own well-being.

  • Engaged in the process.

Online Services

Most of Amara's appointments are online using the Zoom platform with a few appointments reserved each month for in-studio clients. You can learn more about distance healing HERE. As with in-person appointments, Amara creates sacred space prior to the Zoom meeting, supports you in your requests and/or healing process, stays online with you for the entire session, and reserves time before and after the work to discuss issues and findings with you. Additionally, you can view the work in real time and are an active participant in the session. A session lasts approximately one hour.

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Amara is a shamanism teacher with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and a consciousness studies trainer with
The Monroe Institute.
Please see her bio, training, and certifications.

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Important: Please be sure when selecting  an online appointment through Zoom that you have a laptop or phone camera, microphone, and internet connection. These are required to enable viewing, dialogue, and remote communication (for all appointments, you and Amara need to be able to see and hear each other). Amara uses the Zoom platform (free for you to use) for all online sessions. Also have access to headphones or ear buds that you can plug into your device so you can hear the meditation music playing and access a deeper level of  consciousness and healing.


Below is a list of suggestions to prepare you before an appointment so you can be sure to receive the most out of this time together. This is a live, real-time appointment, so be sure to choose a time when you can:

  • Be relaxed and at peace.

  • Be alone and uninterrupted for about 1.5 hours.

  • Lie down comfortably.

Before the session starts:

  • Turn off all media devices except the one you'll be using for Zoom. 

  • Take about 15 minutes prior to the appointment to create sacred space of your own by ensuring you have a comfortable, uncluttered space to lay down, perhaps lighting a candle, and choosing an eye covering to block ambient room light.

  • Use the restroom.

  • Wear you're favorite loose, comfortable clothing.

  • Remove shoes, jewelry, eye glasses.

  • Have stereo headphones that plug into your computer or phone so you can hear the meditation music playing that contains binaural beat technology to assist with relaxation, openness, and healing. 

  • Have a notepad and pen handy to record anything you perceive during the session.

In-Studio Services

In-person appointments are offered at Zen Altitude Healing Studio, a serene, sacred space located in the Great Smoky Mountains with a breathtaking view of Mount LeConte in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A session lasts approximately one hour. Please see pictures of Amara's healing space on this page.


One of the most important -- and often overlooked -- aspects of spiritual work is aftercare. As part of your appointment, Amara will offer you customized follow-up practices to assist you with integrating the work completed during your session. Additionally, you will be provided with a video of the session work and a link to access the meditation music so you can continue to integrate your session and findings.


Sessions are paid at the time of appointment request through Square payments. Payment will not be processed until Amara has confirmed your appointment (after shamanic journeying to ensure she is the right practitioner for your situation). Please click HERE to see a full listing of services and fees. 

Please Note

Shamanic practices are spiritual in nature. They do not interfere with any medical treatments an individual may be following under a doctor’s care and are in no way intended to take the place of a doctor’s care. Shamanic treatments are seen as a complementary aid to an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Amara is not a physician, therefore, does not diagnose or treat medical injuries or illness nor prescribe any medications. 

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