"Amara is simply wonderful. She provided me with insight and guidance to a very serious situation I was facing with my grandson and daughter. I'm incredibly thankful for her abilities and know that she is guided by love."  ---- Sandy B.


In shamanism, intuitive consultations are used to provide insight and guidance to help navigate your life's journey, bring guidance from Divine Presence, and find more clarity in your situation to help support you in your next steps.


Intuitive sessions are not psychic readings that predict your future (prophecy), as the future is constantly changing based on decisions we (and others) make in our lives each day. Rather, Amara works together and in partnership with you -- through discussion and with your own intuitive input -- using intuitive tools to help inform you of the choices and paths available. Intuitive sessions are meant to help you stand in your power, work through your choices with a confidant, and come up with viable solutions in your life because YOU are part of this important process. You are intuitive, we all are, and Amara works with her own intuition and yours to bring your own "knowings" to the surface.


Amara uses a combination of shamanic drumming, an oracle deck she created, and other shamanic divination methods to offer insight, understanding, and guidance into complex life situations. Working together, you and Amara can explore the path you are on as well as the options available to you. 


Intuitive sessions benefit those who are searching for a more intuitive and creative approach to their life journey and are interested in making empowered life and spiritual path choices.


What to Expect

Always (always!) remember how important you are in this process. The practitioner, recipient, and shamanic tools combined with training, awareness, intuition, and most importantly -- intention -- are each a piece of the puzzle that combine to create wholeness and wellness. A recipient of this work must be:

  • An active participant.

  • Open to the work.

  • Focused on restoration of their own well-being and intentions.

  • Engaged in the process.

Online Services

Most of Amara's appointments are scheduled remotely using the Zoom platform with a few appointments reserved each month for in-studio clients.

Important: Please be sure when selecting  an online appointment through Zoom that you have a laptop or phone camera, microphone, and internet connection. These are required to enable viewing, dialogue, and remote communication. Amara uses the Zoom platform (free for you to use) for all online sessions. 


Below is a list of suggestions to prepare you before an appointment so you can be sure to receive the most out of this time together. This is a live, real-time appointment, so be sure to choose a time when you can:

  • Be relaxed (no distractions) and at peace.

  • Be alone and uninterrupted for at least an hour.

Schedule Appointment

Amara is a shamanism teacher with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, a consciousness studies trainer with
The Monroe Institute, a SoulCollage Facilitator, and a certified Akashic records consultant. Please see her bio, training, and certifications.

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Before the session starts:

  • Write down your list of concerns or questions.

  • When considering your questions, use the "How to Phrase a Question" ideas linked HERE to form questions that will result in rich, deep answers.

  • Turn off all media devices except the one you'll be using for Zoom. 

  • Take about 15 minutes prior to the appointment to create sacred space of your own by ensuring your space is comfortable and perhaps lighting a candle or incense.

  • Have a notepad and pen handy to record notes.


In-Studio Services

In-person appointments are offered at Zen Altitude Healing Studio, a serene, sacred space located in the Great Smoky Mountains with a breathtaking view of Mount LeConte in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Pictures of Amara's studio can be found on this page.


Sessions are paid at the time of appointment request through Square payments. Payment will not be processed until Amara has confirmed your appointment. Please click HERE to see a full listing of services and fees. 

Please Note

Shamanic practices are spiritual in nature. They do not interfere with any medical treatments an individual may be following under a doctor’s care and are in no way intended to take the place of a doctor’s care. Shamanic treatments are seen as a complementary aid to an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Amara is not a physician, therefore, does not diagnose or treat medical injuries or illness nor prescribe any medications. 

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