"Amara is simply wonderful. She provided me with insight and guidance to a very serious situation I was facing with my grandson and daughter. I'm incredibly thankful for her abilities and know that she is guided by love."  ---- Sandy B.


There is one type of crystal regularly found throughout the world used by shamans -- quartz crystals. The Celts, Vikings, Aztecs, Romans, Native Americans, African, Asian, India, South American, Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maori, ancient Egyptians, and other cultures have all used clear quartz (as well as other crystals) for healing, meditation, and spiritual development.

Our ancient shamanic ancestors learned that certain crystals act as conduits for healing by amplifying the powers of the shaman and enabling this power to magnify through the crystal to the body, removing and releasing harmful, negative, stagnant energy and intrusions to bring the body back into a healthy vibrational state.

Shamanic crystal therapy is a non-invasive, vibrational, energy-based treatment that cultivates deep relaxation and a theta brain wave state to facilitate healing. Amara's practice uses a combination of core shamanic techniques and placement of quartz-based crystals on and around the body in a specific arrangement tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Crystals and Chakras

Many shamanic practitioners, alternative healers, and Eastern Medicine cultures believe we have seven main energy systems (known as "chakras") that can be evaluated to see if personal power is lacking. When chakras lack power, there can be issues with our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. The goal of a crystal therapy session is to stabilize and purposefully move the chakras back into alignment individually so they can work together in unison for optimal well-being and harmony.

Each crystal session is based on your own chakra system and which chakras are out of alignment, less energetic, or too energetic -- all of which cause imbalances. You and Amara will have time before your session to talk and identify issues while developing a plan for your healing path. Her goal is to help you find answers, empower you, and provide a solid, healthy foundation for you to move forward. Creating a sense of calm and deep relaxation, crystal healing assists in discovering the emotional roots of "dis-ease" to cultivate greater awareness of yourself and assist with transformation.

If you'd like to learn more about chakra imbalances and the understood characteristic associated with these imbalances, please click HERE.

Schedule Appointment

In-Person Appts Not Available at This Time

In-Studio Sessions

Appointments are offered at Zen Altitude Healing Studio, a serene, sacred space located in the Great Smoky Mountains with a breathtaking view of Mount LeConte in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A session lasts approximately one hour and takes place fully clothed on a massage table. Please see pictures of Amara's healing space on this page.

Your Role

Always (always!) remember how important you are in this process. The practitioner, recipient, and shamanic tools combined with training, awareness, intuition, and most importantly -- intention -- are each a piece of the puzzle that combine to create wholeness and wellness. A recipient of this work must be:

  • An active participant.

  • Open to the work.

  • Focused on restoration of their own well-being and intentions.

  • Engaged in the process.

Session Rates

Three sliding scale rates are offered for sessions because we believe spiritual services should be accessible for everyone. Please choose the rate that is reasonable for your budget. Those who are able to pay the higher rate make it possible for those who need to pay less to receive the gifts of spiritual services. Please click HERE to see a full listing of services and rates. 

Please Note

Shamanic practices are spiritual in nature. They do not interfere with any medical treatments an individual may be following under a doctor’s care and are in no way intended to take the place of a doctor’s care. Shamanic treatments are seen as a complementary aid to an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Amara is not a physician, therefore, does not diagnose or treat medical injuries or illness nor prescribe any medications. 

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