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Our only regrets should be chances we didn’t take.

Our only regrets should be chances we didn’t take. | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Guide and Mentor | Shamanic Healing | Alternative Healing Services | Shamanism Creativity Consciousness Workshops | #amarahoneck

Think about it. Every move you’ve made, whether it pushed you forward or (seemingly) backward in your life, was a chance you took. Not all chances we take are in our best interest, but I do believe they are for our highest purpose. Why? Because I see life mistakes as “spiritual stepping stones.” These mistakes strengthen us, make us a bit wiser, and help us to move through future challenges. We need strength and wisdom to keep pushing us forward because as we age we learn that these two character traits help us find joy in our days. This joys keeps our present and future challenges manageable.

I am a huge proponent of not having regrets. Taking chances can definitely be a fearful prospect, but the rewards – whether you succeed or fail – are worth it. Did you fail? So what! You took the chance and can look back on that choice in your life without regret because you know you tried. Was it truly a failure? Probably not because, again, our actions are inevitably for our highest purpose. Your perceived failure was something you needed to go through to benefit you in another area of your life – most likely a future event that you are completely unaware of right now.

Life is filled with endless possibilities. Have no regrets.

– Namaste, Amara


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