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Manifestation Challenge — Day 18 — Power of Trust

21 Day Manifestation Challenge -- Day 18: Power of Trust | Amara Honeck Author | Book: Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life

The POWER OF TRUST was the hardest POWER for me to manage. All my life I liked to try to be in control of my circumstances. Finally, when things weren’t going the way I had imagined, I realized I had to find a level of trust in how my life was playing out. It took me years to truly understand this concept because although I said I was ready to let go of my intentions and let the Universe assist me, in hindsight, I really did cling tightly.

The Power of Trust is about working through the POWERS, and at the very end, handing your intention to the Universe and knowing that the Universe will put what you need in your path to achieve your goals. But you really do need to let go. Why? As I’ve mentioned previously, the Universe sees the big picture of your life — all aspects, all angles, and all interwoven details that you could not possibly know or predict.

Many times we don’t release our goals and allow them to manifest because we don’t trust that the Universe can help us. Part of trust is accepting that the Universe may first break down your larger goal into smaller achievable goals that you need to reach before the final “big goal” manifests. What I mean by this is that sometimes we need to work on ourselves before we can align with our goals:

  • We need to get to the bottom of our negative situations, thoughts, and actions, and work on understanding and turning them around (Power of Thought, Power of Belief, Power of Perception, Power of Prayer).

  • We may need to grow a bit more as a person by learning the Power of Forgiveness and Power of Compassion.

  • We may need to realize the Power of Journaling to help us take notice of the beauty in our lives, write about our lives in a positive way, and acknowledge the blessings in our lives (Power of Gratitude).

  • We may need to find that spiritual place of quiet where we can be grounded and centered -- instead of frazzled -- and gain clarity in our actions and decisions (Power of Sacred Space, Power of Meditation, Power of Mindfulness).

  • We may need to work on changing our thoughts about ourselves and the world around us (Power of Thought, Power of Perception, Power of Belief).

  • We may need to learn to see ourselves for who we truly are: beautiful, creative beings of worth (Power of I AM, Power of Belief, Power of Perception).

  • We may need to work on our subconscious mind by living our POWERS and watching the change in our Power of Emotion, Power of Vibrational Frequency, Power of Belief, and Power of Perception.

  • We may need to learn how to speak to and about ourselves again as part of the Universal divineness that we are (Power of Wording, Power of Journaling, Power of I AM, Power of Thought, Power of Perception, Power of Belief).

  • And although we may have been let down many, many times by our family and peers, we need to be able to put our trust into something greater than ourselves and surrender to the thought that all will be okay and we will be given exactly what we need in the timeframe with which we truly need it (Power of Trust, Power of Surrender, Power of Allowing, Power of Inspired Action).

  • And finally, we may need to change our perception of unworthiness for the good things in life. You are deserving, you are loved, and you are cared about. Now you need to manifest and recognize that (Power of Allowing, Power of Thought, Power of Belief and the Power of Perception).

Sometimes before achieving our goal, we need to grow on our life’s path through lessons and life experiences. You may think that your goal is not manifesting, but what is really happening is that the Universe is bringing into light the POWERS you still need to grasp and grow with before the final goal can be achieved.

Remember what I said in the Power of Wording blog. Sometimes before we can attain a goal, we need to first break it down into smaller goals. We need life patterns brought to our attention so we can then intent on breaking those patterns.

And by breaking down, I literally mean that sometimes we need to be broken down to be rebuilt. Broken down in the way we think of ourselves, the way we act on our emotions, our self-limiting ideas of who and what we are, and our inaccurate perception of the world around us. So the Universe may first break you down a bit to get you to recognize what needs to change for you to live your most authentic life.

Be patient. Be positive. Trust. Watch for the synchronistic changes and know that your beautiful path will unfold exactly as it should in the timeframe that is perfect for you.

Before you begin today’s activity, use your mindful coloring sheet (from previous blog) to bring you into a present state. Then begin your meditation practice as I’ve outlined the last few days.

For today’s Creative Meditation and Manifestation activity, I’d like to work on showing you instances of complete trust. Make a list of 10 times in your life when you have had complete trust that a situation would work out exactly as you anticipated. Your examples could be as small as driving to the grocery store and trusting there would be a gallon of milk to purchase to bigger examples like trusting a loved one would heal from an accident.

The little examples show how we have this innate trust that little things can go right, so much so that we don’t even really think about them in depth. We just count on them. If you can list these things that you have utter trust in, then you can feel the way you should trust about the goals you are trying to attain. Your goals are bigger than finding a gallon of milk at the store — but it’s that same level of trust you need to have for your goals to bring the Power of Trust to them. And, even more importantly, you need to have the Power of Trust to know that the Universe will guide you to your goals in the best way possible.

Remember that today’s Power of Trust Meditation is an extension from the previous days’ blogs -- so be sure to engage your Power of Intent, Power of Gratitude, Power of Sacred Space, Power of Meditation, Power of Mindfulness, Power of I AM, Power of Wording, Power of Journaling, Power of Thought, Power of Visualization, Power of Forgiveness, Power of Prayer, Power of Emotion, Power of Compassion, Power of Vibrational Frequency, Power of Belief, and Power of Perception daily to bring your intangible intent (from Day 1 – Power of Intent) to fruition.

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Watch for Power 19's post tomorrow!

— Namaste, Amara

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