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Manifestation Challenge — Day 13 — Power of Emotion

21 Day Manifestation Challenge -- Day 13: Power of Emotion | Amara Honeck Author | Book: Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life

One of the biggest mistakes made with intention is to think it’s over when the intention has been written. Manifestation is a process with many steps as you’ve seen every day of this 21 day blog challenge. One of the most important steps is the POWER OF EMOTION. I’m going to use the words “emotion” and “energy” interchangeably here because your level of emotion determines your level of energy. Energy is absolutely an essential component of every intention.

What is intention energy? Remember back in school when you had to write a report on a topic you weren’t interested in? You’d stand up in front of the class and read your report in a monotone cloud of boredom. On the flipside, do you remember that energetic moment when you won a contest, figured something out, were chosen to be on your favorite team, met your love for the first time, or received that dream job interview phone call? There’s a serious difference between these scenarios, right?

When something you desire happens, you go into a state of excitement, your natural energy runs high, and you feel unstoppable and joyful. So when you intent on a goal, you need to be in that same place and have that same emotion, energy, and electricity.

The Universe needs to feel that emotional energy coming from you — your energy needs to scream “this is what I want!” so you get noticed. If you write/state your intentions with the monotonous boredom of reading a report while standing at the front of a class, the Universe responds in kind. If you are energetic and filled with the possibilities that your intention manifesting will bring you, again, the Universe responds in kind. You can write the best worded intention of anyone — ever — but without energetic emotion behind it, it just won’t pack the punch you need for it to manifest.

Out of all of the powers written about in my book, the Power of Gratitude and the Power of Emotion are probably two of the strongest of the powers and work in unison. When you’re in a state of gratitude, your energy is high. This same energy is the type used in the Power of Emotion to manifest. You need to be excited about your goal! Overboard! You need to have emotional energy as the driving force.

When an intention is right for your life’s path, it feels powerful. Read over your intentions and keep adjusting the wording until they feel exactly right. It’s important to focus on the feelings your words — spoken out loud — have because your words create a tone that resonates with you energetically. For example, if a friend tells you a sad story about a family member and you begin to cry in empathy, your friend has used the right words that made you FEEL his/her story and your energy reflects in those words. This is the same for intention. When you string together the right words for your intent and say them out loud, you’ll feel them and naturally create the emotion necessary to send to the Universe that acts as an igniter to your intention.

The emotion behind your thoughts and words are what truly drives the intent. So state your intent out loud every day during meditation with feeling and POWER. Feel what you are saying in your heart and soul.

Before you begin today’s activity, use your mindful coloring sheet (from previous blog) to bring you into a present state. Then begin your meditation practice as I’ve outlined the last few days.

Today’s Creative Meditation and Manifestation activity was created to show you how to build intention energy behind your goal. Using your intangible intention you wrote and have been working with each day of this Manifestation Challenge, ask yourself WHAT will you gain by achieving your goals. Project yourself into the future and feel how it feels to be in that goal fulfilled energy. Below is an example of what I'm talking about -- but not just any example. This was my *real* intention used when I wrote the Creative Meditation and Manifestation book. Seven months later I had moved from Chicago to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to a home in the mountains. SEVEN MONTHS for a huge tangible goal to come to fruition. That is incredibly fast timing for a tangible goal that involved so many aspects of life changes to come together to make things happen. You see, this process works!

*** Goal: I AM living in a home in the mountains.

WHAT will I gain by achieving this goal?

  1. Being in the mountains brings me great peace and tranquility.

  2. Waking up each day to a mountain view inspires my creativity.

  3. I love being in nature and seeing the changes of each season.

  4. Having a back yard filled with trees brings me a sense of calm.

  5. I want to observe wildlife every day.

  6. There’s a mountain hiking trail behind my home that I want to walk every day.

  7. All of the views from my home face the mountains, providing endless visual beauty.

  8. I love the smell of the greenery and flowers that grow around my house.

  9. Being able to share this natural environment with my children and enhance their appreciation of nature.

  10. I feel a sense of slowing down and destressing when I am in this environment.

After you’ve completed the activity, ask yourself if you felt those flickers of emotion caused by writing down what you would gain by achieving your goals. If so, that was the feeling of the Power of Emotion. To manifest your goal, it’s important that you regularly check-in with your goal and why you want to achieve it. Keep fueling the energy of your goal for the Universe.

Remember that today’s Power of Emotion Meditation is an extension from the previous days’ blogs -- so be sure to engage your Power of Intent, Power of Gratitude, Power of Sacred Space, Power of Meditation, Power of Mindfulness, Power of I AM, Power of Wording, Power of Journaling, Power of Thought, Power of Visualization, Power of Forgiveness, and Power of Prayer daily to bring your intangible intent (from Day 1 – Power of Intent) to fruition.

You can purchase my book "Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life" here: *or* participate in my book giveaway. At the end of the Manifestation Challenge I will be giving away 10 copies of "Creative Meditation and Manifestation" and the accompanying "Positivity and Manifestation" journal so you can continue implementing your New Year's intentions. Enter here: and be sure to signup for my monthly newsletter to qualify. Good luck!

Watch for Power 14's post tomorrow!

— Namaste, Amara

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