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Manifestation Challenge — Day 10 — Power of Visualization

21 Day Manifestation Challenge -- Day 10: Power of Visualization | Amara Honeck Author | Book: Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life

Visualization is a method of teaching your mind to help manifest your goals by using your imagination — basically seeing with your mind’s eye. The Power of Visualization is simply imagining in your mind what you want to have, do, or be.

I’m going to show you to harness the Power of Visualization and use it as a tool to drive your goal manifestation. What I’m going to teach you is a process similar to daydreaming — except that instead of drifting off and having random thoughts, you will be completely aware, present, and alert in your thought process.

Before you have time to think “I am not good at this type of thing,” know that I don’t expect you to just stop, imagine, and visualize. Not at all. I am encouraging you to draw. Drawing adds to the visualization process by bringing in a creative component. There’s a link to drawing and imagination — we’ve been doing this sort of thing since we were children.

It doesn’t matter if you draw stick figures and objects with rudimentary shapes. The drawing process immediately brings to your mind a visual. So instead of bringing you through long, drawn out visualization exercises, I would like to bring you through a simple drawing exercise.

The beauty of your images and accuracy to scale is not the goal here. Your goal is to draw, become absorbed in the visualization process, so while your hand is drawing your goal, your mind is clearly engaged in the process and in a completely present state (Power of Mindfulness).

Visualization can be seen as a mental image “rehearsal” of your goal fulfillment. The key to remember is that you are visualizing as if you are already living your goal. You’re not “hoping” you achieve your desire — with visualization you’re already “living” the desire as if it is happening right now.

Before you begin today’s activity, use your mindful coloring sheet (from previous blog) to bring you into a present state. Then begin your meditation practice as I’ve outlined the last few days.

Each day as part of this 21 day blogging series you’ll have an activity to complete related to each Power that will assist you with manifestation. Today’s Creative Meditation and Manifestation activity is a creative visualization page. Many people have difficulty imagining details and holding that detail in their minds for a length of time. This is why I prefer drawing. Once you have objects down on paper, they are there until you erase them. Drawing helps you retain the imagery while you begin to define the details.

  1. Using a blank sheet of paper (or your Creative Meditation Workbook) write your goal (the one you’ve been working with for this Manifestation Challenge) at the top of your visualization drawing page.

  2. Next, write as much about your intention in detail as possible. For example, if your intent is: — I AM the proud owner of the house of my dreams. Take the goal further by adding visual details like this that create an emotional response: — The house has two stories. — The house has a two car garage. — The house has red shutters. — The house has four bedrooms. — Fresh cut flowers from my garden are in a vase on the table. — I see a walk-in closet like I’ve always wanted. — The kitchen has a double oven, perfect for the many family gatherings I have. Do you feel the POWER building as you start adding these details to your intention? You have taken your intention statement and have added the Power of Visualization that has created an emotional response (Power of Emotion).

  3. Now draw the details you have written. Don’t forget to put yourself in the picture! This is your goal, so make sure you’re part of the visual!

  4. Continue adding details to your drawing to make it more real — imagine the sounds and colors of your new home: the texture of fabric, the smell of cookies baking in the oven. Bring the vividness of your goals forward to match the details of your drawing.

  5. When you’re finished drawing, say your intention out loud S-L-O-W-L-Y — really feeling it. Reread your detail statement as you look at your drawing. Feel the emotion that comes with the idea of reaching this very important goal.

  6. Don’t skip this step! Using colored pencils, add details to your visualization drawing. It matters, it really matters. When you start to see your goal as something larger than a drawing on a page — by adding color, texture, details — emotion sets in. You begin to know how it will feel to achieve your goal and joy comes over you. That’s what the Universe is looking for — the joyful emotion. Feel that joy, feel that realness of your goal, and exude the emotion needed to bring your goal into fruition.

  7. Hang your visual drawing page where you can see it every day (suggestion: your sacred space). Look at it often and visualize yourself already achieving your goal, and don’t forget to add in strong emotions of gratitude and happiness.

Remember that today’s Power of Visualization Meditation is an extension from the previous days’ blogs — so be sure to engage your Power of Intent, Power of Gratitude, Power of Sacred Space, Power of Meditation, Power of Mindfulness, Power of I AM, Power of Wording, Power of Journaling, and Power of Thought daily to bring your intangible intent (from Day 1 – Power of Intent) to fruition.

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Watch for Power 11's post tomorrow!

— Namaste, Amara

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