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Manifestation Challenge — Day 08 — Power of Journaling

21 Day Manifestation Challenge -- Day 8: Power of Journaling | Amara Honeck Author | Book: Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life

The POWER OF JOURNALING is an excellent way to help manifest your goals and is also a form of written meditation. The Power of Journaling requires you to be present, in the here and now. So when writing, you are mindful and aware of what you are doing. You are in complete control of both your thoughts and the direction your thoughts are taking you while writing. Journaling also allows you to focus in on one thought, shutting down the mind chatter. You are taking the scattered thoughts of your day and concentrating them into one focus — a focus of positive thought which will cause an emotional energy shift (Power of Emotion) within you.

Manifestation journaling is a specific practice unlike typical day-to-day journals or diaries that some of us keep about our lives. Many keep a journal as a way to work through daily feelings and situations they are experiencing. They may write about what went wrong with their day, emotions about a situation that happened, and thoughts as they try to work through difficult feelings. But is this conducive to manifestation?

If you’re writing about negative situations and emotions, you’ve activated your thoughts to remind you of how you felt when the situation was happening. Then you’re taking the negative thoughts and reinforcing them by writing them. You’re literally emphasizing the negative in your life. Sounds counterproductive, right?

This is where we take a turn for manifestation journaling. We are going to focus your Power of Journaling (and therefore your Power of Thought) on finding the positives so that the negatives are not prominent in your thoughts or words.

Your manifestation journal will be quite unique. It will be filled with ideas for expressing positive emotions and will serve as a daily tool for you to work on manifesting and co-creating your life. These are the sections I recommend having in your manifestation journal.

  • A list of today’s blessings.

  • A section to write about your day as if your goal has already happened.

  • Doodles/drawings that help enforce your goals.

  • Inspirational comments.

  • Inspirational ideas.

  • Synchronicities — little things that happen or you were drawn to that are letting you know Divine Presence is responding.

  • A positive situation that happened during the day.

  • Action steps that may come to you while writing that will assist you in manifesting your goal.

  • Positive comments or compliments you received today.

  • Positive comments or compliments you gave others.

  • Express gratitude by being grateful for all you have.

Journaling about what you want to manifest and bringing those positive emotions to the surface really puts strong energy behind your intentions. Instead of using your journal as a way to express your let downs, disappointments, and negative emotions, let it be a power to attract your desires toward you.

Before you begin today’s activity, use your mindful coloring sheet (from previous blog) to bring you into a present state. Then begin your meditation practice as I’ve outlined the last couple of days.

Each day as part of this 21 day blogging series you’ll have an activity to complete related to each Power that will assist you with manifestation. Today’s Creative Meditation and Manifestation activity is all about journaling. Create your journal using the above suggestions in a blank notebook (or use your Creative Meditation Workbook found here: Write freely and as lengthy as you like about the intangible goal you have been working on.

Remember that today’s Power of Journaling Meditation is an extension from the previous days’ blogs -- so be sure to engage your Power of Intent, Power of Gratitude, Power of Sacred Space, Power of Meditation, Power of Mindfulness, Power of I AM, and Power of Wording daily to bring your intangible intent (from Day 1 – Power of Intent) to fruition.

You can purchase my book "Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life" here: *or* participate in my book giveaway. At the end of the Manifestation Challenge I will be giving away 10 copies of "Creative Meditation and Manifestation" and the accompanying "Positivity and Manifestation" journal so you can continue implementing your New Year's intentions. Enter here: and be sure to signup for my monthly newsletter to qualify. Good luck!

Watch for Power 9's post tomorrow!

— Namaste, Amara

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