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Manifestation Challenge — Day 07 — Power of Wording

21 Day Manifestation Challenge -- Day 7: Power of Wording | Amara Honeck Author | Book: Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life

The POWER OF WORDING — Now that you have a little practice under your belt writing positive I AM affirmations from yesterday’s blog, we’re going to get down to the very serious Power of Wording your intentions. This is probably one of the most important powers in the entire Creative Meditation and Manifestation practice.

You already wrote your intentions. Now you will take your intention writing a step further by learning a bit more about wording intentions and then rewriting your original intention more powerfully in today’s activity. Today, focus on the following concepts:

  • Begin your intent with the power words “I AM.”

  • Use only positive words.

  • Keep your wording in present tense.

  • State your ideal outcome.

Remember that Divine Presence has the bigger picture of what we most need in our lives. We only see one outcome and maybe only one path to our goal, but Divine Presence can see all angles. So when I end an intention statement, I close with the words “or whatever is best for my highest purpose.” By doing this, I feel that I am truly surrendering my intention to Divine Presence and will receive what is best for me, not just what I think I want.

Sometimes we think we want something but don’t realize all of the repercussions of receiving it. So instead of trying to force the Divine's hand, I state my intention with specific closing words and trust that my goal will not only manifest, but it will come about in a better way than I ever could have imagined in my limited scope.

You do not always need to close your intention with these words, sometimes you do know exactly what you need. But just keep them in mind when stating your intent.

Next, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT — don’t use negative words! You want to direct your intentions toward what you desire, not away from it. Using negative words, even when your intention is meant to be positive, focuses your mind and energy on what you do NOT want. By using words outlining what you DO want, you direct your mind to work on the positive results you desire. Avoid using: no, not, can’t, don’t, won’t, never. The example below shows exactly what I mean, including the new concepts I have described. You are writing your intention as if it has already come to fruition (present tense):

  • No: I don't want a job that requires traveling too far from home.

  • Yes: I AM working a job I love within 25 miles from home that offers me opportunity for advancement, a cohesive group of coworkers, and a salary that pays all of my bills and leaves an additional $1,000/month for my retirement account — or whatever is best for my highest purpose.

As you can see, wording your intentions accurately is incredibly important. All language is filled with negative words or dual meanings, so it’s important that you write your intentions and really read what you’re asking Divine Presence to bring you.

Intention is about believing you can reach your goal. If you don’t believe, if you don’t see yourself doing what it is you are intenting, words won’t matter, they are just tools. So it’s important that you use your Power of Intent, Power of Wording, Power of Belief, and Power of Perception that your goal is attainable.

Each day as part of this 21 day blogging series you’ll have an activity to complete related to each Power that will assist you with manifestation. For today’s CMM activity, practice rewording your original intangible intention using the guidelines above. Additionally, you will bring that intention forward and add another element. I want you to really get the hang of this very important power, so ask yourself “why” you want to achieve your goal and write it down.

Next you’ll condense your “why” description down into a concise intention statement that’s more powerfully written than when you wrote your original intention. I’ll start you with an example.

Original Intention:

  • I need balance in my life.

Add Why:

  • I need to learn to balance my time between work and family. But my job requires long working hours so I’m stuck between earning a living and spending quality time with my family. I also need to earn enough money to pay all of the bills, so I can’t just quit my job. I need help finding balance.

Your New Concise Intent:

  • I AM balancing my work and family life because the Divine is bringing solutions toward me to ensure stable financial abundance with plenty of quality time for my family.

The rewritten intent you create today will be used for the rest of the 21 days of this challenge.

Before you begin today’s activity, use your mindful coloring sheet (from previous blog) to bring you into a present state. Then begin your meditation practice:

  • Sit in your sacred space, play your mindful sound.

  • Acknowledge one thing you are grateful for today.

  • Read your CMM intangible intention out loud.

  • Begin slow breathing (10 times).

  • Work on your coloring page to bring you into a mindful state.

  • Write or draw on your Creative Meditation Journal lines (or a blank notebook) any ideas, insights, or solutions regarding your intangible intention that present themselves as you color.

  • Complete today’s CMM activity.

  • Read your positive affirmations.

  • Close your meditation with slow breathing (10 times).

  • Play your closing mindful sound.

Remember that today’s Power of Wording Meditation is an extension from the previous days’ blogs — so be sure to engage your Power of Intent, Power of Gratitude, Power of Sacred Space, Power of Meditation, Power of Mindfulness, and Power of I AM daily to bring your intangible intent (from Day 1 – Power of Intent) to fruition.

You can purchase my book "Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life" here: *or* participate in my book giveaway. At the end of the Manifestation Challenge I will be giving away 10 copies of "Creative Meditation and Manifestation" and the accompanying "Positivity and Manifestation" journal so you can continue implementing your New Year's intentions. Enter here: and be sure to signup for my monthly newsletter to qualify. Good luck!

Watch for Power 8's post tomorrow!

— Namaste, Amara

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