Manifestation Challenge — Day 04 — Power of Meditation

The POWER OF MEDITATION — Meditation is a technique for quieting your mind and finding a place of inner peace. It’s learning to take your focus away from the mind chatter and bring into focus the calm center within you. We all have this peace within us, but for many, it’s buried deeply.

I practice a different type of meditation. Something I call “Creative Meditation® (CM).” CM is about “directing” your thoughts, not “eliminating” your thoughts. With CM, instead of sitting in a state of total silence, you work on addressing thoughts that come up during meditation. (For the purpose of this blog, I briefly cover Creative Meditation®, which is an entire book and too long to post here. You can learn in much more detail in my book "Creative Meditation and Manifestation” linked below:

With CM, you learn to observe your thoughts and feelings, to separate from them and gain perspective, so you can stop getting caught up in drama and start living the life you want. From this place of quiet, you'll gain clarity, wisdom, and find answers. CM not only brings you to a state of peace, but teaches you to use the Powers you already have within reach to help you change your life. Each of your Powers described after today will become part of your CM practice.

As you work through your daily CM practice, you’ll see that your mind chatter works a bit like a television remote control. You sit and the remote is scrolling through channels, catching bits and pieces of random thoughts — most of it is not pertinent to the present moment. After practicing CM for a few weeks, you’ll find it easier to stop the scrolling and hold at one present channel — the most important channel in your life at this time. And this is where the real change begins. Once the mind chatter is out of the way, you can get to the core of an issue. You can find out what's holding you back when all of the nonsense distractions leave your thoughts.

You'll find that CM gives you a new way to be solution-focused and you will find it easier and easier to deal with other issues as you walk your life’s path. You'll find that you won’t anger as easily and that your emotions are more peaceful. Yes, of course negative emotions will still come up, but when your brain trains itself that there is another way to think, it will take the path that is more comfortable — the path of solution-focused answers using a peaceful and harmonious method — Creative Meditation and Manifestation.

For today’s CMM activity, start your meditation practice and observe your mind chatter. Remember, you have full permission to NOT quiet your mind this time! I want you to hear the chatter. I want you to notice for yourself the endless thoughts that can pop in and out of your mind for 5-10 minutes.

The Creative Meditation® practice is simple and involves only a few steps:

  1. Sit comfortably on your meditation seat in your sacred space. If you like, use a mindful sound (bell, rattle, singing bowl) to begin your meditation practice.

  2. Face forward, eyes closed with your CMM workbook (or a pad of paper) and a pen close to you.

  3. In your mind or out loud, say “thank you” and note something(s) you’re thankful for today. Starting meditation with gratitude (Power of Gratitude) sets the tone for your experience.4. Breathe in, hold for three seconds, and breathe back out, 10 times, S-L-O-W-L-Y. As you do this, note the calm that starts to come over you as you control your breath. This is the Power of Meditation taking over and bringing you into awareness.

  4. Sit in this peace for a minimum of five minutes, but 10 would be best. Go ahead and set a timer. What you’re doing in this activity is just observing the mind chatter. Note the thoughts, running commentary, or any visuals.

  5. As soon as a thought or visual comes in, no matter how small or insignificant, write the observation down in your CMM workbook or pad of paper. Continue writing down your observations until your timer goes off.

  6. When the timer rings, go back through the breathing exercise. Breathe in, hold for three seconds, and breathe back out, 10 times, S-L-O-W-L-Y. If you choose, you can use a mindful sound to close your meditation.

After this initial meditation, do you see the level of mind chatter? It’s like your mind has done everything to keep you from quieting! Hang on to the observations you made in this chapter so you can see the difference in yourself as you progress through your CMM practice.

Remember that today’s Power of Meditation is an extension from the previous days’ blogs — so be sure to engage your Power of Intent, Power of Gratitude, and Power of Sacred Space daily to bring your intangible intent (from Day 1 — Power of Intent) to fruition.

Watch for Power 5's post tomorrow!

— Much love, Amara