Manifestation Challenge — Day 01 — Power of Intent

The POWER OF INTENT is the beginning power of the Creative Meditation and Manifestation (CMM) practice because intention is the originating thought of every goal or dream you have.

An intention can be many different things — a goal you want to fulfill, the type of person you want to become, or an idea on how you want to live your life. I’m also going to define intention as your “focus.” Intention is how you direct your focus toward achieving your goals.

Why Set Intentions? Setting an intention is important because it’s the first powerful step to defining what you want in your life. Through your CMM practice, you can narrow down your goals and use all of your Powers to align with your intent and bring your goals to fruition. You will learn to state your goal and then clarify it, rewrite it for more powerful wording, add positive thought to it, visualize it, add a punch of emotional energy to it, and all of the other Powers that come along with manifesting.

There are two categories of intention for you to work with: tangible and intangible.

Tangible intentions are physical actions you can take to achieve goals like:

  • Writing a book.

  • Meditating every day.

  • Making healthier food choices.

  • Getting out of debt.

  • Watching less TV.

  • Saving money for a downpayment on a home.

Intangible intentions are non-physical actions you can take to achieve goals like:

  • Having compassion for yourself and others.

  • Letting go of grudges.

  • Being more positive.

  • Finding a new perspective on life.

  • Learning courage in difficult situations.

  • Becoming a better listener.

  • Learning to forgive others.

Remember that you can only intent for yourself, not for others, no matter how pure your intentions for them may be. If you are intenting about a situation that involves others, your intent should always be directed toward yourself and how you can improve and best handle the situation. Your intent should not ask for guidance in directing the actions or thoughts of others.

As you will learn later, our Power of Perception varies based on the individual and all of the elements that make up your personality. You may think you have the best intent or idea for someone else and that you can clearly see what they may be doing wrong in their life. As much as we’d like to think that we know best — for ourselves or others — remember that there’s much more at play than just the situation at hand.

Writing powerful intentions starts by setting goals that align with your life’s values, desires, and purpose. I know that even while you’re reading this, you’ve already come up with many ideas. But just in case, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get started in forming powerful intentions:

  • Am I holding on to something which I need to let go?

  • What fears would I like to release?

  • What do I need to change about myself to become who I want to be?

  • What skills do I have but am not using that could enhance my life?

  • What part of my life feels broken?

  • What long-term success do I want to create?

  • What can I do to regularly help others?

  • What dream have I ignored that seems to be coming up over and over?

  • How can I create a more meaningful life?

  • How am I standing in my own way of what I want to achieve?

  • What change would help me to live my life more authentically?

  • What good habits do I want to work on?

  • What new beginning do I feel pulled toward?

  • What steps can I take to start living my ideal life?

  • What bad habit do I want to break?

  • What would empower me?

Intentions bring you in line with the reason why you want to accomplish your goals. Intention manifestation is a multi-step process — setting an intention is only the first part. You have to understand the innate Powers you have and use all of them to manifest. Once you understand your Powers and how to use them, your CMM practice will flow with your life and you’ll completely understand what you need to do to align with your goals.

Each day as part of this 21 day blogging series, you’ll have an activity to complete related to each Power to assist you with manifestation. Today’s activity is simple. Choose two goals you’d like to achieve that can be worked on over the next 21 days. These goals can be big or small and should include one tangible and one intangible goal. This CMM activity is meant to begin your thinking process about what you truly want in your life. These goals will be worked on using the Powers as you proceed through the blog posts.

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Watch for Power 2's post tomorrow!

— Much love, Amara