If it doesn't add to your life, it doesn't belong in your life.

Many times the reason we don't move forward in positively manifesting our lives is because we are carrying old baggage that holds us back. This baggage can consist of old ideas, concepts, relationships, ways of living, bad habits, and complacency with our current situations. We cannot intent about our future goals and dreams when we have people or situations in our lives that are not best for our highest purpose.

This week I challenge you — take a walk in nature. Before you take your first step, state an intention: “I AM learning what needs to change in my life so I can begin to manifest for my highest good.” Then walk in silence. No music. No talking. Just you — alone — in nature. Wait a few minutes and you will notice thoughts and ideas forming. Take note of them — these are the things you need to change to move forward with creating the life you desire.

This process is called a walking meditation and its purpose is to keep your left brain busy (it controls your walking) so you can free your right brain to think creatively. Creative thinking begets manifestation.

Note *anything* that comes to you, big or small, because many times its changing the small things in our lives that can make the most difference. Something as seemingly small as purging and donating your over and under-sized clothes to kindly releasing a person who you find challenging are all creative ways to open your life to new, positive experiences and joy.

Read more about manifesting *real* change in your life by combining your innate Powers of Intent, Gratitude, Sacred Space, Meditation, Mindfulness, I AM, Wording, Journaling, Thought, Visualization, Forgiveness, Prayer, Emotion, Compassion, Vibrational Frequency, Belief, Perception, Trust, Surrender, Allowing, and Inspired Action in my book "Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life."

Create your beautiful life!

— Much love, Amara


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