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Honor each individual’s path – even if you do not agree with it.

When it comes to what to do, say, or feel, we can be at a loss, blinded by our own self-limiting beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves, and our personal biases and bigotries. To be aware of this is quite important because when we become cognizant of that which holds us back – mainly our thoughts and biases – we can make great change to stop this from happening and live more joyfully and truthfully. Self-awareness is the answer.

Being aware of our perceptions, perceptual inaccuracies, and how erroneous perceptions can cause us to misjudge the world and hold us back from developing deep relationships and growing through transformation is incredibly important. How do we remove those biases? By kindly engaging with those who do not always agree with us when a disagreeable situation presents itself. How do they perceive? Can we step into their shoes and see why someone may think or do something a certain way that may seem absurd to us? When we can put ourselves in another’s shoes we become more “one” with those around us – even those we perceive as our adversaries – by simply trying to understand why they believe the way they do.

We all yearn for many of the same things. We wish to be loved, cared for, respected, have good friends, a life filled with meaning and purpose. These are human necessities that all are striving for. Even if we are at odds with the beliefs of others, they are still deserving of love and respect on a SOUL LEVEL. We do not need to agree on a human level, only have that soul-level awareness. Important, too, is when we engage with those who differ from us with a soul-level respect, we can stand tall in our own truths, authenticity, and self-awareness because we gave ourselves the opportunity to more deeply observe the situation.

One of the most profound ways to see past yourself is to learn the consciousness tools that assist with spiritual connectivity. Join me in one of my spiritual, consciousness, creativity, or shamanic workshops to learn how to bring sacred, mind-opening experiences into your life to heal, grow, transform, and gain personal knowledge and empowerment:

– Namaste, Amara


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