Have faith in yourself -- you are creatively manifesting and the best is yet to come.

Rainbow With Clouds | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

To be “creatively manifesting” you need to use powerful “I AM” statements every day – EVERY DAY – to turn your goals and dreams into reality. Words are powerful. They drive our thoughts and actions. Always begin your goal-setting statements with “I AM” followed by a positive intention. Examples:

** I AM finding joy in each day (even when life is difficult).

** I AM kind to everyone I meet (even when you don’t feel like sharing a smile).

** I AM at my goal weight of 145 pounds (even if you’re not there yet).

** I AM patient with my children (even when your kids try your patience).

** I AM getting along easily with my coworkers (even when they annoy you).

** I AM addiction free (even when you’re struggling to stay in your power).

** I AM working each day toward a better life (even when you’re struggling just to keep your head above water).

The key is no matter how dark your situation, there is always – ALWAYS – a little ray of light in each day. Find that light, grab hold of it with both hands, say your “I AM” intention out loud, and let the energy of that little light propel you forward into creating a more beautiful life. – Much love, Amara