Day 3: Your New Year's Intentions: Soul Speaking

Day 3: Your New Year's Intentions -- Soul Speaking | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Guidance Shamanic Services | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

On the first day of this three-day blog, I discussed the reasoning behind setting intentions instead of resolutions. The second day followed with the action of how to set intentions. Now, let’s get to the final part of beginning to manifest the intentions you discovered by understanding soul speaking and wording your intentions.

Soul Speaking

The thoughts and images brought to you through your Creative Meditation® (CM) practice from yesterday are a form of “soul speaking.” Soul speaking happens when we quiet our minds enough to let our real thoughts come through that identify what needs to change to make our lives more joyful. So while your resolution may be to lose weight, your soul speak may indicate different changes necessary to create more happiness in your life. By using your CM notes, you can see that your life’s path may need to take a turn you had not considered and you would be better off setting intentions based on your findings in CM rather than setting the same resolutions you’ve set for years (and may not have achieved).

Converting Soul Speak Into Intentions

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Your CM notes from yesterday *are* your soul speaking. What this means is that no one else can interpret your thoughts, ideas, and visuals for you. Why? Because each of us has our own unique perception of life. These perceptions come from our upbringing, life experiences, spiritual backgrounds, peer influence, etc. It’s important for you to interpret your own CM intention notes and come to your own conclusions about what needs to change based on the notes you wrote – even if at first your observations seem to make no sense. If in your notes you wrote that you saw a cup of water that seemingly has no meaning, just sit with it for a bit. Maybe the image has absolutely nothing to do with a cup or water – maybe it was your soul speaking in metaphor and what it actually meant was that your life needs to expand (outside the rigid limitations of the cup) because for years you've only been getting by (treading water).

Read through your notes, observe the thoughts, ideas, and visuals you wrote. Next, write down what the observations mean to you. What emotion did reading your notes evoke? In this phase of writing your intentions, use your list to reveal the emotions the thoughts and visuals gave you and determine what needs to change. Using on my personal example from yesterday, here are my intentions (using my personal interpretations) that you can use as a guide for writing your own intentions. Note all intentions start with the words “I AM” to bring a punch of power to your goals.

  • I AM going to be spending more time with my art and creative practice.

  • I AM going to spend less time on social media.

  • I AM going to bring my camera outdoors with me to capture moments in nature, bringing me to a more present and mindful state.

  • I AM going to make an effort to walk more difficult nature trails so I can see what has remained unseen to me.

  • I AM going to plan regular game nights with my children.

  • I AM going to make more home-cooked meals and less quick-fix meals.

  • I AM setting a daily alarm that, when it goes off, I stop whatever I’m doing and just “observe” and express gratitude for everything I see around me.

  • I AM going to encourage others to heal their souls and strengthen their relationship with the Divine Presence by diving into mixed media.

  • I AM going to set aside quiet time for my husband and I to be outside, under the stars, in front of the beauty of a fire pit.

  • I AM going to walk more often in nature, particularly paths through trees.

  • I AM going to sit outside regularly and focus only on the sound of birds singing.

  • I AM going to get back to practicing my beloved art of henna.

  • I AM going to grow a simple garden this year.

  • I AM going to learn yoga, ensuring I practice calming yoga poses in the evening before bed and a peaceful closing to my day before sleeping.

  • I AM going to sit and just be with my thoughts near a natural water source whenever possible.

  • I AM going to start using incense when meditating indoors.

  • I AM going to start writing my next book.

  • I AM going to sit outside more often, face toward the sun, while firmly planting my bare feet on the ground.

  • I AM going to take time each night to think about my day, express gratitude for the blessings, before going to sleep.

  • I AM going to practice mindful coloring and journaling more often and carry my meditation coloring journal with me when I travel.

One More Thing

I want to ask you – how do you feel right now after reading your list of intentions? Part of CM is the afterglow. That beautiful, light, airy feeling of knowing your soul spoke to you in a way that only you can understand and interpret. You know the intentions you wrote down are exactly what you need in your life. You’ve given yourself a great gift – the gift of knowing where to start and what to do to make real life changes. When I read my list, I felt completely peaceful. Every one of my intentions resonated with me and I was elated at knowing where to start making change.

Time is Not an Issue

One of the most positive aspects about setting intentions (rather than resolutions) is that intentions do not have a strict time frame, whereas resolutions typically are calendar-driven and have an underlying sense of urgency. Resolutions don’t comfortably allow for mistakes, slip-ups, or setbacks along the way. With intentions, you can go about working on your goals at your own speed and allow the changes you’re making to unfold in their own time. Intentions give you the breathing room to make mistakes, course correct, and continue to allow the change to unfold in a peaceful, unhurried time frame. By intenting, you are letting your beautiful life path unfold before you in the time frame with which it was meant to unfold.

Intention setting is not just for the beginning of the year. Any time your life seems to be not working, you can revisit your CM steps to bring forward new thoughts and ideas for achieving happiness. You now have the tool and can use it whenever you feel you need to make change.

Setting intentions is all about making change for the better in your life without feeling pinned to the wall with a time frame. Intentions are opened ended and realistic and you can fit them into your lifestyle without rigidity. Making change in your life in this way improves your chance at success with the change you want to incorporate.

With intentions, there is only room for improvement, not failure. Remember, with each new day, you have an opportunity for a new beginning. If you'd like to have a guided dive further into everything I have discussed in these New Year's posts, give yourself the gift of actively engaging in the Creative Meditation process and exercises in my book: Creative Meditation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life.

Click to read Day 1 and Day 2 posts. I hope you have found my CM intention-setting process helpful and the intentions you are working on will bring you your best year yet!

– Namaste, Amara