Breathe deep ... and release anything that does not serve you.

Ocean at Sunset | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

Did you have a tough day today? Try this ... breathe in slowly, hold for five seconds, exhale slowly. You'll do this 10 times. The 1st breath is your practice breath. On the 2nd and 3rd breath, picture what went wrong today – what was said or done, a mistake that was made. On your 4th through 7th breaths, breathe in the thought of what went wrong, then breathe it away. Really see the situation in your mind dissipate. See it breaking into pieces and falling away. Then slow breathe 3 more times with no thought. Feel better – ​you have released a thought that no longer serves you. – ​Much love, Amara