"Believe good things will happen – and they will."

Butterfly on Cat's Nose | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

Let me clarify my quote before you eye roll me. ☺ "Believe good things will happen – and they will." One of the many reasons I wrote "Creative Meditation and Manifestation" is because **so many** people were disillusioned with the concept of the law of attraction and manifestation. Including me. I have read the same books you probably have read, followed the teachings, believed in the concepts – truly believed – but nothing changed for me.

Writing the book gave me an opportunity to better explain the way the law of attraction works from my own experience through the eyes of trial and error. I wanted to bring you (my reader) back on board with the understanding of the POWER you possess when you ask the Universe for assistance for the right reasons. I knew that many people had already turned their backs on the concept of "believing and receiving" because it simply didn't work for them.

So – right now – I extend my hand to you as I help you back on board with creating your beautiful life through learning and knowing your Powers.

Here is my quote clarification – you must first define what "good things" means to you. Does it mean purchasing an expensive car, clothes, or jewelry? Or does it mean something more intangible like finding happiness, love, and joy in your life? Money and possessions only add to the quality of our lives. They are not necessarily what enriches or brings joy to our lives. Material elements make a difference only when you're living your soul's true purpose. What do I mean by this statement? If you're unhappy with your life right now, adding "things" to your life that give you temporary happiness is not the answer to manifesting a joyful life. You will be the same person, with the same problems and issues, who owns a few expensive trinkets, and are still not truly happy.

My humble suggestion is to start with manifesting INTANGIBLE goals. In my experience, intangible goals are easier to manifest than large tangible goals because you are first working on improving yourself and becoming a better version of you. You will gain confidence and be strong in your Powers because you will begin to see your goal manifesting almost right away. Proof that your Powers are fully activated and working.

Examples of intangible goals to work on might include:

  • Asking the Universe to help you love yourself so you then exude the energy of love to others and, thus, bring more love to you in return.

  • Asking the Universe to help you find the joy in every day (no matter how poorly your day is going), so you then exude joy, which creates a shift to “joyful energy,” thus bringing more joy to you.

  • Asking the Universe to guide you in your understanding of your Power of Forgiveness, Power of Compassion, Power of Prayer, Power of Trust, Power of Thought, Power of Emotion, Power of Perception, and Power of Allowing. It is within these intangible Powers that you will find change within yourself. Once you experience this change, you’ll have a shift in your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. This shift brings you a greater ability to manifest at your highest level because *you* are at a higher level on your spiritual path.

To be in a place to receive, you must already be grateful for what you have. Being grateful exudes a "thankful energy" around you – that literally radiates from you. When you have this energy, you have a remarkable POWER to manifest other good things that will bring more joy into your life.

Manifesting material goals is absolutely fine, just don’t lose track of what really brings joy in life. Manifesting tangible goals can take longer than intangible goals, so practice patience and don’t lose faith.

Start today, right now, by choosing one intangible goal you’d like to work on. Ask the Universe – out loud or in prayer – to help you achieve this intangible goal by bringing people, situations, and resources into your life that will align you with your desire. Then begin to watch for synchronicities that steer you in the right direction. When you feel the synchronicity, you are in your Power of Inspired Action, the perfect place you need to be to manifest change.

You are a beautiful being capable of creating your beautiful life. Much love – Amara