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Be the peace and calm you seek.

Be the peace and calm you seek. | Amara Honeck | Spiritual Guide and Mentor | Shamanic Healing | Alternative Healing Services | Shamanism Creativity Consciousness Workshops | Gatlinburg East Tennessee

The energy you carry is the energy that will find you. If you hold yourself in calm energy, you will become that peaceful person in times of high energy situations. When a situation arises that is filled with drama or you are forced into something you would rather not be part of, ask yourself this ONE QUESTION: Will this matter one year from now?

==>> YES: Hold your calm energy and deal with the situation in a way that is in the highest purpose and best interest of all involved.

==>> NO: Silently walk away from the drama and stay within your peace.

It really is that simple. Always ask yourself the “one year” question and you’ll be surprised to see how uninvolved you can become in situations that are not best for your spiritual path. You can find peace and calm when you practice your Power of Thought, Mindfulness, Wording, Emotion, Compassion, Prayer, Vibrational Frequency, Perception, and Allowing. You are a powerful co-creator and have the ability to change any area of your life that does not bring you to your highest purpose.

You can learn more about manifesting your beautiful life in my book "Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life."

— Namaste, Amara

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