Creative Meditation: 10 Steps to Finding Happiness

Buddhist Children Laughing | Spiritual Growth Article | Amara Honeck | Tennessee Shaman Consciousness Exploration Teacher

I'm sure you've heard that happiness needs to start from within. External things that make you happy can be fleeting because they are temporary fixes to what you really need to do — find the happiness within yourself.

How do you find this happiness? The key point to remember is that each of us has a different definition of what makes us happy — what fulfills us. So this question can’t be answered with a stock response.

If there is no one defining answer, then where do you start? You start with your Power of Meditation. Don’t eye roll me — yet! As you know from my book, meditation does not have to be difficult. My method — Creative Meditation — is a simple form of meditation that helps you get to the root of what you need and many times gives you ideas that you may never have considered.

Read through these steps tonight and then tomorrow morning, grab a pen and paper and choose a comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed. Then move through these Creative Meditation steps:

1. ==>> Breathe in, hold for three seconds, and breathe out ten times — SLOWLY. This gives your mind time to calm.

2. ==>> Any distracting thoughts that come in after the calming time, acknowledge, and then say the word “remove” silently to yourself and see the thought slip away.

3. ==>> When your mind has settled, ask out loud, "What can I do to find (and bring out) happiness within myself?"

4. ==>> Then wait. Sit in the silence of your meditation. Slowly, you will begin to have words or thoughts (or both) come into focus. You may have a full scenario — that seems to have come out of nowhere — begin to play out in your mind, like a day dream. These words, thoughts, and scenarios will give you a glimpse into the changes you can make to fulfill your goal of self-happiness.

5. ==>> Do not dismiss any of these words or thoughts, because what may be holding you back from true happiness can be given to you in small stepping stone “ideas.” You may see an image of something you find ridiculous, but go with it anyway. The image can lead you to more advanced imagery that will paint a bigger picture and make more sense to you.

6. ==>> After the words, thoughts, ideas, and possible scenarios have dissipated, take time to practice the Power of Journaling and write everything down. Writing is an important step in the Creative Meditation process because not only do you have a record of the ideas generated from your meditations, you also have a recorded timeline that will show your growth, change, and pattern of ideas and messages as you move along and advance in your meditation practice.Now that you have a few ideas for the changes you can make in your life, it’s time to act on them:

7. ==>> Practice your Power of I AM each morning upon waking. Examples: “I AM finding happiness within.” “I AM working with the Universe to make positive change in my life.” Stating your "I AMs" silently directs your attention to your intention and helps you stay in line with your goal.

8. ==>> Practice the Power of Inspired Action by asking the Universe to put ideas and resources into your path that will help you achieve your goal.

9. ==>> Watch for synchronicities that come into your life this week that give you an opportunity to engage in whatever information you were given in Creative Meditation. Be open to even the smallest occurrence – from a picture in a book that resonates with you to a casual comment you overhear from a stranger.

10. ==>> Journal these synchronicities and happenings right below your meditation notes so you can see the Power of Creative Meditation working in your life and track your results. Journaling helps you notice the subtle nuances of change and growth so you know your intentions are working.

If you struggle with the first day of Creative Meditation, try again later in the day or the next day. You can also experiment with meditating at different times of day, as different segments of your day carry a different energy with you.

Give Creative Meditation seven days to begin working. Within this seven day time period, even those that have the toughest time meditating will begin receiving guidance and answers in the form of thoughts and ideas. Stay in your power! — Much love, Amara