Coming soon from the Monroe Institute … Expand, a new guided meditation app.


Like other Monroe programs and experiences, Expand meditations use guided imagery and Monroe Sound Science to tap into specific areas of one’s conscious and subconscious minds. Expand exercises can free participants from unwanted patterns, stimulate creativity, and foster a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Expand will feature 80+ deeply meaningful meditations at launch, and we will continue to add to the library. Meditations will cover the following areas:    

  • Inner Peace and Relaxation

  • Creativity and Manifestation

  • Health and Healing

  • Sleep and Dreaming

  • Insight and Intuition

  • Exploring the Non-Physical


The app will be available for free download on ios or android. To get a sneak peak, go to and sign up to be notified when Expand is available.


There will be more coming ahead of launch, including an App Overview Guide that will provide a summary of the features and how to use Expand to stay connected with program participants.

Amara Honeck

Monroe Outreach Trainer