These meditations fall under the broad umbrella of “Monroe Audio Support™” (MAS) which includes Hemi-Sync®, SAM™, and several other new audio technologies developed by TMI. The technology for each exercise has been specially crafted for each exercise/meditation. These meditations are best listened to using stereo headphones.

Quiet Mind is a guided meditation developed for Monroe's online Developing Intuition course. Relax the body and mind clearing the way to allow beneficial guidance to come into your awareness.

This ten minute guided meditation is designed to help you release tension and relax. It includes visual cues that you can use again and again as needed to return quickly and easily to a state of relaxation.

This 14 minute guided meditation is designed to offer healing to both you and the earth. The style of meditation is presented in a story-telling format with sound and visual queues. 

This ten minute guided meditation teaches you the Monroe "Resonant Energy Balloon" (REBAL) technique. Activate and use your own REBAL for protection and support of your personal energy field.  Find a quiet place to listen with headphones and relax.