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How to Listen to Hemi-Sync



  • For at least one half hour prior to listening to this exercise, refrain from eating heavily, drinking alcohol, or using drugs.

  • Use the restroom.

  • Loosen any tight clothing and remove shoes, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

  • Adjust the volume to a low comfortable level. It is only important that you hear the words; your brain will automatically respond to the background sound.


  • Use stereo headphones.

  • Listen in a room with low light where there will be no interruptions for the duration of the exercise.

  • Have a blanket available.

  • Lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Keep your head supported.

  • If you have an itch, scratch. You will be able to easily return to your pattern of relaxation.

  • Visualize yourself doing what the words state.

  • It is not important that you stay awake. The exercise will be equally effective if you fall asleep while listening.


  • This exercise will alter your state of consciousness. Therefore, do not listen while driving or operating heavy equipment.

  • Do not listen to this exercise if you have a history or tendency toward seizures.

  • Do not use with other light and sound devices.​

Try Hemi-Sync For Yourself

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