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"I gained so many things I had not expected! I learned many tools to use in my current situation and my future." – Shelby J.


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This binaural beats and consciousness experiential -- for those interested in exploring consciousness and/or want to learn to find and receive healing from a higher state of consciousness, as well as healers who are looking to expand their own knowledge and tools -- is offered in three parts on three consecutive Sundays. Each class builds on the energy of the last, opening the doorway to access different states of consciousness, holding different states of consciousness to recognize shifts when they happen, and culminating with learning to work with consciousness healing tools and creating your own tools. 


Shifting Consciousness 1: Using Binaural Beats to Safely Alter, Expand, and Explore Your Consciousness


Using Hemi-Sync patented audio binaural beats, you will learn to move from your current physical awareness to a higher dimension of your consciousness referred to as Focus 10, the state of “mind awake, body asleep.”  This consciousness level is the foundation for exploring both the total self and nonphysical realities as well as the doorway for accessing many other states of consciousness.  In this first workshop of the series, you will:


  • Move gently and comfortably into an expanded consciousness state where you will have time to explore and perceive what personal insights and understanding it holds for you.

  • Discover what this higher state of consciousness feels like and offers you from your own unique, direct experience. 

  • Practice techniques for increasing and controlling your personal energy field.

  • Experience the power of audio support technology. 

  • Practice holding a Focus 10 state of consciousness so you can easily recognize when it is happening and go deeper with your perceptions, clarity, and interact with higher wisdom.


During this first workshop segment, you’ll gain the tools and techniques needed to navigate Focus 10 that prepare you for the part 2. 


Shifting Consciousness 2: Using Binaural Beats to Perceive Information and Problem Solve in the Expanded Consciousness State


In Part 2, you will learn to enter a state of consciousness which called Focus 12, “the state of expanded awareness.” Focus 12 is an ideal state for finding answers to questions, solving problems, and exploring issues.  In this workshop you will:


  • Discover what this higher state of consciousness feels like and offers you from your own unique, personal, direct experience. 

  • Reinforce the personal energy field tools used in the first workshop to increase your personal energy field so you can move smoothly to Focus 12 consciousness.

  • Establish a connection with your own higher wisdom to receive information and insights from a deep source of knowingness that exists beyond the waking mind.

  • Bring questions or problems you’d like to explore into the Focus 12 consciousness state and receive answers, guidance, and/or next steps toward a solution. What new beginning do you feel pulled toward? What fears would you like to release? How can you create a more purpose-filled life? You can ask questions like these in Focus 12.

  • Have an opportunity to receive five messages from the higher consciousness state.


During this second workshop segment, you’ll gain the tools and techniques needed to navigate Focus 12 that prepare you for part 3. 


Shifting Consciousness 3: Using Binaural Beats to Access Healing and Create Energy Healing Tools in the Expanded Consciousness State


In Part 3, you will again be shifting your consciousness to Focus 12 (“the state of expanded awareness”) and working with a number of energy tools that can be used for healing in the consciousness state. In this workshop you will:


  • Learn powerful tools to explore and access healing energies. 

  • Discover how suggested energy and healing tools are perceived from your own unique, personal, direct experience. 

  • Have an opportunity to test energy consciousness tools and concepts to clear your emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

  • Use color breathing to create and maintain a healthy, grounded state by linking mind and body to energize and support healing.

  • Discover what energy and healing work in a heightened consciousness state can bring to your life and/or energy healing practice.

  • Use suggested tools as a jumping point to create your own consciousness healing tools to increase and direct healing energy.


This final segment of the workshop gives you the tools and techniques needed to work with powerful energy in the higher consciousness state as well as create your own energy and healing tools from your highest wisdom.

Bonus Audios and Further Exploration

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a link to two downloadable Hemi-Sync audios and an invite to Amara’s monthly Consciousness Gatherings to continue your consciousness explorations.

What is Hemi-Sync?

Hemi-Sync is a patented, state-of-the-art auditory guidance process developed by Monroe and used to easily, quickly, and safely access and hold specific states of consciousness for extended periods of time. This powerful technology uses combinations of beta, alpha, theta, and delta sound frequencies to bring both hemispheres of the brain into unison (hemispheric synchronization). Hemi-Sync functions by combining relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, toning, guided imagery, and carefully constructed blends of sound patterns. All are fully integrated to produce focused and productive coherent mind-brain states.

(three half-days)
October 1 +
October 8 +
r 15, 2023

1:30pm-6:30pm EST

CEUs: 12

Registration: $200
Prerequisite: None

What You Need

This experiential online training is offered via Zoom. All students **must participate** with audio/video and access the meeting through their own individual devices. 

Please have the following items for the workshop:

  • IMPORTANT: We recommend over-ear wired stereo headphones.  Please, NO wireless, Bluetooth, or noise canceling headphones because they compress the audio frequencies (except Bose Comfort over-ear headphones).  We do not recommend earbuds, but if you use earbuds, they should be good quality and wired.

  • Many students lie down while listening to audio exercises. Please ensure your headphone cord is long enough to reach where you will be listening to exercises.

  • Reliable high-speed internet access. 

  • Notebook/pen to take notes.

  • Eye covering (bandanna or Mindfold) to block ambient light.

  • Water.

  • Blanket and socks if you tend to get cold easily.

If you'd like recommendations for items Amara uses in her in-person workshops, click HERE.


Before the workshop begins, select a private location where you will not be disturbed. Consider a comfortable place with pillow and blanket to lie down for exercises. 


NOTE: The use of a laptop/desktop computer, or at minimum a tablet, is recommended for this workshop. A smart phone screen is too small for effectively viewing other participants during the direct healing practices.

Sample Experience

If this workshops sounds interesting to you, try a sample Hemi-Sync experience for yourself by clicking HERE

Participant Requirements

Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

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