"Amara is simply wonderful. She provided me with insight and guidance to a very serious situation I was facing with my grandson and daughter. I'm incredibly thankful for her abilities and know that she is guided by love."  ---- Sandy B.


Guided shamanic journeys are for those individuals who yearn to go on a quest of self-discovery, ask specific questions, retrieve important information, problem solve, and/or receive healing but have difficulty journeying or are not ready to journey on their own. 

As with all of Amara's shamanic services, guided shamanic journeys are meant to empower and assist you with your own transformation, spiritual growth, and healing and to connect you with a higher wisdom while realizing your own personal spiritual power, discover your ability to obtain spiritual wisdom, and answers to important personal questions while under the support and guidance of a seasoned shamanic journeyer and teacher of shamanic journeying. 

In a guided shamanic journeying session, you and Amara will talk about a goal and intention for your session. What is it that you want to experience or learn? You and Amara will work with this intent as a starting point for your journey, but know that journeys often bring surprising and unexpected experiences. You may find that even as you are being guided on the journey, additional information will show up for you, something important for you to know or experience that you had not thought of or realized was important at this time in your life. 


Some individuals prefer to not have a specific intent and instead journey and learn what is most important in their lives to know and work through at this time. Amara will then drum and begin the journeying process out loud in narration form. You will move along with the journey in your own mind, seeing what Amara sees as she narrates.


Slowly through this process, as you move further into the narration and guidance, the journey becomes a two-person experience, with both you and Amara connecting and engaging in the same journey. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, take the lead under Amara's safe guidance, and stand in your power. ​

You and Amara are a team in this work. If you are having difficulty taking over the journey, Amara will continue on, asking questions you want answers to, narrating what she sees and hears, and allowing you to be part of the journey without the pressure of actively engaging in the visuals and narration. 

What to Expect

Always (always!) remember how important you are in this process. The practitioner, recipient, and shamanic tools combined with training, awareness, intuition, and most importantly -- intention -- are each a piece of the puzzle that combine to create wholeness and wellness. A recipient of this work must be:

  • An active participant.

  • Open to the work.

  • Focused on restoration of their own well-being.

  • Engaged in the process.

Online Services

Most of Amara's appointments are scheduled remotely using the Zoom platform with a few appointments reserved each month for in-studio clients. As with in-person appointments, Amara creates sacred space prior to the Zoom meeting, supports you in your requests and/or healing process, stays online with you for the entire session, and reserves time before and after the work to discuss issues and findings with you. A session lasts approximately one hour.

Below is a list of suggestions to prepare you before an appointment so you can be sure to receive the most out of this time together. This is a live, real-time appointment, so be sure to choose a time when you can:

  • Be relaxed and at peace.

  • Be alone and uninterrupted for about 1.5 hours.

  • Sit comfortably at your computer.

Schedule Appointment

Amara is a shamanism teacher with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and a consciousness studies trainer with
The Monroe Institute.
Please see her bio, training, and certifications.

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Before the session starts:

  • Turn off all media devices except the one you'll be using for Zoom. 

  • Take about 15 minutes prior to the appointment to create sacred space of your own by ensuring you have a comfortable, uncluttered space, perhaps lighting a candle.

  • Use the restroom.

  • Wear you're favorite loose, comfortable clothing.

  • Remove shoes, jewelry, eye glasses.

  • Have a notepad and pen handy to record anything you perceive during the session.

In-Studio Services

In-person appointments are offered at Zen Altitude Healing Studio, a serene, sacred space located in the Great Smoky Mountains with a breathtaking view of Mount LeConte in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A session lasts approximately one hour. Please see pictures of Amara's healing space on this page.

What You Will Need

  • Computer or phone with camera and microphone. 

  • A stable internet connection.

  • Notepad and pen.

Important: Please be sure your device has a camera, microphone, and internet connection as these are required to enable viewing, dialogue, and communication between you and Amara. Amara uses the Zoom platform (free for you to use) for all online sessions. 


Sessions are paid at the time of appointment request through Square payments. Payment will not be processed until Amara has confirmed your appointment (after shamanic journeying to ensure she is the right practitioner for your learning). Please click HERE to see a full listing of services and fees. 

Please Note

Shamanic practices are spiritual in nature. They do not interfere with any medical treatments an individual may be following under a doctor’s care and are in no way intended to take the place of a doctor’s care. Shamanic treatments are seen as a complementary aid to an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Amara is not a physician, therefore, does not diagnose or treat medical injuries or illness nor prescribe any medications. 

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