Shamanic drumming has been used for centuries to experience a deep state of consciousness that allows us to find answers to our questions, receive guidance, clarify issues in our lives, and request healing. In this shamanic journeying circle we will access the wisdom and support available to us in non-ordinary reality while deepening relationships with our power animals and teachers.

This circle uses a single drum to create a sonic-driven level of theta brainwave consciousness as taught by Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS).


This circle is facilitated by Amara Honeck, author, shamanic practitioner, teacher for the FSS, and consciousness exploration Outreach Trainer for The Monroe Institute (

All journeying drum circles are held at Amara's teaching studio in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Registration is $10 (please see ** at bottom of page for those experiencing financial difficulties). We can accommodate 20 journeyers. Please read the journey circle information before registering. We look forward to being in circle with you soon!

April 18, 2020

6pm - 8pm

Please register by April 11

May 16, 2020

6pm - 8pm

Please register by May 9

June 20, 2020

6pm - 8pm

Please register by June 13

July 11, 2020

6pm - 8pm

Please register by July 4

Benefits of a Journey Circle

There are significant advantages to being part of a group journeying circle:l the monthly journeying drum circle:

  • Regular practice strengthens your ability to move between our ordinary reality and the non-ordinary shamanic state of consciousness.

  • Regular practice also strengthens and deepens your connection with your power animals, teachers, and helping spirits.

  • Developing an increased familiarity with your personal non-ordinary reality cosmology as you witness your own map of the upper and lower worlds unfolding.

  • Acquiring shamanic knowledge and insight into relevant life situations through direct revelation from your helping spirits.

  • Assistance and guidance from a sanctioned Foundation for Shamanic Studies teacher.

  • Learning to trust your ability to "see" and "know" what you encounter in non-ordinary reality.

  • Listening to the journeys of others helps you expand and grow on your own journeying path.

  • Becoming more adept at working with your helping spirits for healing yourself and others.

  • Increasing confidence in your shamanic journeying skills.

A shamanic journeying circle gives us the opportunity to be in a like-minded community where we can support each other in our sacred journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.


This circle is open to all beginning and advanced journeyers (18 and older) *experienced* in journeying to the upper and lower world using the sound of a drum. It is helpful if you have taken The Way of the Shaman workshop with any sanctioned FSS teacher or have learned to journey using shamanic core methods as discussed in Michael Harner's books: "The Way of the Shaman" and "Cave and Cosmos." Our circle will follow the core shamanic journeying techniques taught by the FSS. If you would like to learn shamanic journeying, please sign up for one of my The Way of the Shaman workshops offered 2-3 times each year. If you are not sure if you meet the prerequisites, please contact me.

What to Expect

The evening will include rattling and singing our soul songs to bring up our spiritual power, multiple journeys (some planned, some free-flow) with live drumming, discussion, sharing (if you feel called to do so), and fellowship.

What to Bring

Please bring a rattle, eye covering, pen and notebook to record your journeys, socks and a light blanket (if your prone to being chilly). We journey in comfortable reclined chairs, so a floor mat is not necessary.


Snacks, tea (regular/decaf), coffee, bottled water, hot chocolate, and apple cider will be available during break.


We meet at Zen Altitude Teaching Studio in Gatlinburg, Tennessee — a private, serene, sacred space for all who wish to embark on this path of learning. There are no electronics or recording devices allowed so the group’s privacy and sacred space can be maintained. 



6:00-8:00pm. Please arrive by 5:45pm to ensure time to settle in.


Suggested donation of $10. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please donate what works with your budget. Registrations are requested in advance so seating, refreshments, and accommodations can be made based on the size of the group.


If there are less than six registrations, we will cancel the monthly journeying drum circle (registrations refunded) and all meet the following month. 

Zen Altitude Healing Studio
Great Smoky Mountains

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Knoxville

East Tennessee


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Soul Reflections Press

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