These meditations fall under the broad umbrella of “Monroe Audio Support™” (MAS) which includes Hemi-Sync®, SAM™, and several other new audio technologies developed by TMI. The technology for each exercise has been specially crafted for each exercise/meditation. These meditations are best listened to using stereo headphones.

"Had an awesome experience with Amara and the TMI Exploring Consciousness class. The material was relevant and the exercises were easy to follow and provided another tool to help me on my spiritual journey." – Tory D.


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Join Amara, Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer, for a community online exploration of consciousness using audio binaural beats technology to alter your consciousness.


For this gathering, you will have two audio exercises and time to share with like-minded individuals as well as have the opportunity to ask Amara questions during debriefings.


Going forward over the next few months, we will explore a variety of audio technologies, a group question we will bring into our audio journeys, sessions for individual personal exploration, and periodic introduction of specific consciousness themes like lucid dreaming, becoming empowered, connecting with guidance, etc.


Come with an open mind and the intent to experience states of expanded consciousness. 

Who should attend?

This group experience is open to everyone interested in exploring their own personal consciousness a little deeper, beginning and experienced meditators, and seasoned consciousness explorers age 18 and over.

What is the experience like?

This 1.5-2 hour gathering includes headphones-on guided meditations using patented audio technology that allows us to access and maintain profound levels of consciousness as well as group discussion and reflection (you are not required to share).


Each audio exercise is clearly introduced and everyone listens to an exercise at the same time but has their own personal and unique set of experiences and insights.  

About Your Facilitator

Your group guide is Amara Honeck, an accredited Virtual Outreach Trainer with the Monroe Institute. She will teach you how expanding your consciousness using audio binaural beats works, introduce you to non-ordinary states of consciousness, and provide a forum for discussion and assistance. 

June 20, 2022
7-9 pm Eastern Time

Registration: $0 (love donations accepted)
Prerequisite: None

Please register by June 17, 2022

What You Need

This experiential online training is offered via Zoom. All students **must participate** with audio/video and access the meeting through their own individual devices. 

Please have the following items for the gatherin:

  • IMPORTANT: Over-ear wired stereo headphones or high quality earbuds are recommended.  Please, NO wireless, Bluetooth, or noise canceling headphones because they compress the audio frequencies (except Bose Comfort over-ear headphones).  

  • Many participants lie down or recline while listening to audio exercises. Please ensure the cord for your headphones is long enough to reach where you will be listening to exercises.

  • Reliable high-speed internet access. 

  • Notebook/pen to take notes.

  • Eye covering (bandanna or Mindfold) to block ambient light.

  • Water.

  • Blanket and socks if you tend to get cold easily.

If you'd like recommendations for items Amara uses in her in-person workshops, click HERE.


Before the class begins, select a private location where you will not be disturbed. Consider a comfortable place with pillow and blanket to lie down for exercises. 


NOTE: The use of a laptop/desktop computer, or at minimum a tablet, is recommended for this gathering for best sound quality of the sound frequencies. Smart phones do not always relay the audio frequencies properly. 

Zoom Details

After registering, you will receive an email with further details including your Zoom link. 

Registration Fee

This gathering is free with "love donations" accepted. 


If there are less than six registrations, the gathering will be cancelled and reschedule for next month.