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  • IMPORTANT: Over-ear wired stereo headphones or high quality earbuds are recommended.  Please, NO wireless, Bluetooth, or noise canceling headphones because they compress the audio frequencies (except Bose Comfort over-ear headphones).  Recommended choices can be found here:

  • Desktop or laptop computer (highly recommended) with a video camera and a microphone (smart phones do not always relay the audio frequencies properly).

  • Zoom invitation (sent with your email registration confirmation). Your Zoom name needs to match your registration name, as all names will be verified in the waiting room before entering to prevent spam disruptions.

  • Many participants lie down or recline while listening to audio exercises. Please ensure the cord for your headphones is long enough to reach where you will be listening to exercises.

  • Reliable high-speed internet access. 

  • Notebook/pen to take notes.

  • Eye covering (bandanna or Mindfold) to block ambient light.

  • Water.

  • Blanket and socks if you tend to get cold easily.



  • A quiet, private place where you can sit, recline, or lie down to listen to the exercises (armchair, recliner, zero-gravity recliner, sofa, bed, air mattress, etc.) 

  • Ability to darken the room or wear an eye mask (this can be beneficial).



  • To maintain participant confidentiality, no recording of the gathering is permitted. 

  • Wear comfortable and casual clothes. 

  • Avoid using alcohol and mind-altering drugs before and during the class.  Their use is counterproductive to the audio process. 

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